Published On : Fri, Oct 28th, 2016

Lets light a lamp and salute our soldiers with ‘Ek Diya Shaheedon ke Naam’


Nagpur: This Diwali, before we set into celebration, light up sparklers, worship Goddess Lakshmi, relish sweets and rejoice the company of your near and dear ones, let’s take a little time for the ones who laid their lives for nation. The ones who dedicated their whole life towards protecting our motherland, and making us feel safe and secure as one nation. We, the people are indebted to their sacrifice which is honourable and precious to us.

And to sing in sync with feeling of patriotism, Nagpur Today has taken a step forward. This Saturday, 29th October, we are coming up with an opportunity to remember and salute our soldiers, our real heroes, and nonetheless, light up an earthen lamp in the name of our martyrs.

Nagpur Today is organising an event called ‘Ek Diya Shaheedon Ke Naam’ at Gandhi Bagh Garden, CA road on Saturday from 6 pm to 9 pm. Any citizen can visit in the programme and light up a lamp to pay regards to our soldiers.

Besides, a series of patriotic songs along with a skit dedicated towards the soldiers of our nation will also be organised on the occasion.

All the citizens are requested to participate in the event and express their gratitude towards the brave sons of the soil.
‘Ek Diya Shaheedon ke Naam’ will be held on Saturday, 29th October at Gandhi Bagh Garden from 6 pm to 9 pm.