Published On : Wed, Aug 5th, 2015

Leaked tape spills beans over Shiv Sena’s Gundaraaj in Yavatmal; PI paid price for duty!

Nagpur News:

A taped conversation allegedly between a Superintendent of Police and his subordinate Police Inspector, which appeared on a local portal on Wednesday, has fluttered many while sending ripples across the department. The audio conversation is said to have links with an incident in Yavatmal, following which the investigating police inspector was shunted out from his current position at Ghatanji taluka and posted at Ralegaon police station in Yawatmal.


As per the news and audio appeared in  website, Yawatmal SP Akhilesh Singh was reportedly trying to alert Ghatanji taluka police inspector Bharat Kamble over an incident of thrashing and manhandling of forest officer and employees by Shiv Sena workers. Singh was apparently telling Kamble that the Guardian Minister Satish Rathod had escalated the matter to Inspector General of Police and even with Chief Minister. He also informed Kamble about his transfer in the aftermath of the incident. In the audio, Kamble was reportedly asking for his fault as he had only performed his duty and that too on insistence of SP, who reportedly took U-turn after Rathod interfered in the matter.

The bone of contention in the said audio conversation was an incident in which the Shiv Sena’s city convenor Nilesh Chavan and taluka chief Vijay Kondulwar were allegedly extracting money from forest department officials and employees as a token of contribution towards displaying banners on the occasion of Yawatmal’s Guardian Minister Satish Rathod’s birthday. When some of the forest workers reportedly opposed Chavan and Kondulwar, they were reportedly thrashed and beaten up.

Sources revealed that the regional forest officer was on his way to a forest nursery under Ghatanji taluka when Chavan and Kondulwar along with few other party workers intercepted him and reportedly asked for Rs 5 lakh. When he refused to budge, the party workers rained fists and blows to him causing severe injuries and fracture. They also snatched away Rs 10,000 from RFO’s pocket.

When the aggrieved forest employees reported the matter to police, the PI Bharat Kamble registered offence against Sena workers under sections 384, 394, 353, 454, 332 and 324 IPC. Both Chavan and Kondulwar have been sent to jail.

Meanwhile, the pressure piled up to settle scores with the said PI, following which Guardian Minister Rathod reportedly called up SP who further called PI over the entire incident. It is learnt that Rathod was transferred after the said taped conversation.