Published On : Mon, Feb 13th, 2017

‘Laughter for Literacy’ packs punch with comedy and cause!

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Nagpur Today.

The members of Nagpur spirit Round table 258 recently threw up a laughter surprise called ‘Laughter for Literacy’, thanks to their love for the cause! The cheery Sunday evening was filled with giggles and loads of laughter as the three celebrity stand-up comedians had one and all in splits with their fun-packed show. The laughter bomb that went off at Centre Point hotel was planted to raise funds for erection of building for under privileged children.

Famed comedians Vipul Goyal, Amogh Ranadive and Rahul Subramaniam jazzed up the event with their punches and witty one liners. The elements of humor that the three brought together truly made the audience burst into laughter.

Needless to mention, the venue was jam packed and the people braved the crowd to catch the finest camerederie of their hilarious jokes.

Vipul Goyal said “there cannot be anything better than making people laugh. Laughter is the best medicine and even if I am offered a job with the very good amount of money, I’ll not do it. I won’t rate this for anything else”.

Backing his views, Randive and Rahul Subramaniam said we feel great by doing a bit for the society. Just to do that by doing what we do is the best which is jokes and we are very fortunate to this. And the credit for it exclusively goes to round table for their second many efforts.

Vinita Agrawal, Vipul Goyal and Sharad Agrawal

Vinita Agrawal, Vipul Goyal and Sharad Agrawal


Sourav Mukerji

Sourav Mukerji


Radhika and Kshitij Agrawal


Rahul Subramaniam


Priyank and Dr Sakshi Diwanka

Priyank and Dr Sakshi Diwanka


Raunak and Isheeta


Sameer Agrawal and Nikhil Agrawal


Namrata and Ankit agrawal


Monita Patel and Pooja Panchmatiya


Aditi Sirsikar


Archana Jain


Neha Jaiswal and Alifiya Husain


Isha and Vishesh Agrawal


Himani and Pratima


Disha and Nitin Gopalani


Samir, Rupali, Ritu and Prajot


Vipul Goyal


Sohail and Dr. Farheen Rana


Ladies in style


Abhishek, Karan, Jerin, Pratit, Kshitij