Published On : Wed, Sep 2nd, 2015

Land for Mall # Sitabuldi traders allege foul play by Goel Ganga Builders, suspect NIT’s role

ngp12_zpse6962997Nagpur: A Mega Mall cum Multiplex coming up in Sitabuldi area has turned into matter of dispute among the builder and the traders who were also the owners of the land on which the structure is being erected. These land owners had transferred their power of attorney to NIT which further leased the land to Goel Ganga Builders. The traders alleged that they were cheated by the builder by not keeping up his promise in proper way. Against their land, they were promised a shop of specific area and location in the mall. However the builder came out in a manipulated manner. Moreover, the traders have also alleged NIT’s high-handedness in the entire matter. They also pointed out serious irregularities being committed by Goel Ganga Builders in regard to parking and FSI violation.

The said Mall is being built and developed by Goel Ganga Builders an 8 acre land which has Sitabuldi Main Market road on one side and the road stretching from Variety square to Munje Square (Bank of Maharashtra Square), on the other.

NIT’s role under suspicion
The shopkeepers called on media person to apprise them of the injustice. The shopkeepers claimed that around 147-160 traders are affected in the project. They shopkeepers claimed that they have been the tenants of the land on which their shops exist from years (some as many as 90 years). The entire Sitabuldi area is said to be belonging to the Buty family. Of this 3 main owners are said to have given the power of attorney to the NIT which has leased the land to the Goel Ganga Builders to build a Mega Mall over this 8 acre land. The Shopkeepers alleged that of the three main owners, two have already received the payment for their land, while the third one is yet to receive the amount. The third owner has alleged that he has revoked the power of attorney since the lease deed was executed after the death of the third owner.

Builder made tall promises
The shopkeepers informed that each owner is assured of 6600 built-up area in the shopping mall and Rs 9 crores each (Rs 27 crores total) against their land. Apart from that the Builder Goel Ganga has to give a shop in the Mall to all the tenants of Buty family. The shopkeepers will be given ownership shops on payment for the construction. The shops will be in the sequence in which it exists today.

Mismatch in Allotments
The shops allotted to them are not in the sequence in which they exist today. Some of the shopkeepers are allotted shops way inside the mall which will hamper in attracting customers and ensuring the old customers from visiting their shop. The shopkeepers are allotted only 75% area of their existing occupancy i.e. if a shopkeeper has 5000 square feet shop, he will get only 3500 square feet. This too in certain cases is not allotted in one stretch. It could be 2000 square feet in the ground floor while 1500 could be allotted in the basement.

Basement rule flouted
The shopkeepers alleged that according to the rule, the basement area should be only for storage or godown while the Goel Ganga Builder is allotting even the basement shops to some of the shopkeepers.

Parking overlooked
The shopkeepers alleged that the Goel Ganga Builders are proposing to build 9 multiplex theatres in the mall with a seating capacity of 2500 seats. This will mean that at least 1100 vehicles (two-wheelers or four-wheelers) will be coming to the mall. Though there is a two-storied basement parking planned, this will cause tremendous traffic especially when the shows get over at 3 pm, 6pm, and 9 pm.

No plan to ease traffic congestion
The Shopkeepers alleged that the Project was supposed to have five or more structures with a 50 feet internal road to ease traffic congestion. One road of 50 feet was to connect Sitabuldi main market road with Abhyankar road before Munje square. But NIT had sanctioned only one giant structure in sprawling eight acres land where the road has disappeared in the sanctioned plan.

FSI Violaton
The shopkeepers also alleged that the original sanction was only 1.5 FSI. However, the NIT officials have raised the FSI to 2.5 FSI which is enabling Goel Ganga Builder to construct multiplexes with 10 screens along with large number of shops in G+five floor building.

Traders being forced to vacate shops
The shopkeepers also alleged that NIT has issued notices to vacate the shops before rehabilitation. Some of the shopkeepers claimed that they and their parents have been running business on Sitabuldi main market road for last 84 to 90 years. NIT is pressurizing us to demolish the shop before shifting us into the new mall. In order to indirectly pressurize us, the Goel Ganga Developer has dug land up-to within four meter distance from their shop’s wall endangering their establishments. The shopkeepers claimed that they went to the High Court and were granted status quo on the notice. However, the Builder is continuing his construction work.

Though the shopkeepers agree that this project was planned 54 years ago, they are suddenly going ahead with this project. “The Goel Ganga Builder wants us to vacate our shops and wait for the builder to allot a shop in the new Shopping Mall. Till the time the Mega Shopping Mall is built, where are they supposed to run their business, asked the shopkeepers.”

Builder charging rates on whims!
The Goel Ganga Builder is supposed to give the shops in a no-profit-no loss amount where the shopkeepers will only have to pay for the construction of the shop, however, the shopkeepers alleged that they are charging different rates from different shopkeepers on different dates, i.e. while one shopkeeper was asked to pay an amount at the rate of Rs 1600/square feet, some other shopkeeper is asked to pay Rs 3000/square feet on the next date. They alleged that there is no fixed ready-reckoner which is followed.

Proposed Mall

Proposed Mall