Published On : Sat, Dec 27th, 2014

Lake conservation campaign by Green Vigil Foundation

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Nagpur Today

Green Vigil Foundation in association with 94.3 My FM Radio Channel conducted a Water Monitoring and Lake Conservation Campaign at FutalaLake on 27th December.The campaign was aimed at , building awareness among the local citizens on importance of lakes and its conservation and also to explore the rejuvenating journey of Futala lake post Ganpati& Devi Visarjan.

Various water quality parameters such as temperature,turbidity,pH,Dissolved oxygenetc were monitored by members of Green Vigil engaging local citizens. The average values of various parameters were reported as pH 8 , Turbidity – 40 JTU, Dissolved Oxygen – 4 mg/l.Citizens  were also encouraged to perform hands-on water quality testing of Futala lake.

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Surbhi Jaiswal, Co-ordinator Programs stated,  on-site monitoring of water bodies helps immensely in making citizens realize and aware on the adverse impact caused to the lake due to various anthropogenic activities like dumping garbage,immersion of idolsetc.Dissolved Oxygen levels have been reported to significantly drop down to 2 mg/l, during Ganpati and Devi Visarjan by immersing idols ,flowers,etc in the lake; which causes disturbance in the lake ecosystem leading to massive fish kills, she added.

Members of Green Vigil Foundation also conducted a community outreach program by imparting the citizens on urgent need for Conservation of Water and sustainable water use.Posters,fliers,handouts on intricate Water Cycle on the planet and impacts of unsustainable consumption on water ecosystems were utilized for educating people.Citizens actively participated in the campaign bringing in the technical discussions, views to fight water scarcity,pollution and conserve the living commodity water.

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Kaustav Chatterjee, Co-Founder, Green Vigil stated lakes have rejuvenation capacity,and over a period of time lakes regain their natural conditions;but if the anthropogenic activities are carried out at same pace and intensity,we will be left with no water bodies suitable for us.So,its high time we should realize the importance of water in our life and practice Green living to alleviate future water crisis.

Members of Green Vigil Foundation Dr. Kavita Rattan ( Founder President), Daksha Borkar, Sandesh Sakhare, SurbhiJaiswal, Shakti Rattan, Bishnodeo Yadav, VishwajitPaikrao,Nazma Khan, Pragya Naidu, NileshMunghate, SheetalChoudhary, Vikas Yadav, AkashShende, GandharvPilare, AkshayBhramankar, RJ Ankit, Ashish Mundeof 94.3 MY FM  worked hard for the success of the campaign.