Published On : Fri, Dec 24th, 2021

“Kya Se Kya Hogya?,” absconding goon recites philosophy to display ‘change in lifestyle’ to Nagpur Police

Nagpur: The vow of Commissioner of Police (CP) Amitesh Kumar, to make Second Capital of the State a crime-free city has followed stringent action against anti-social elements disrupting social harmony; consequently, compelling criminals to adopt civil lifestyle or else escape to an extent where no cops or any ‘help’ could reach them.

On such incident surfaced recently, where an absconding criminal from city has sent a video to Nagpur Police displaying the drastic ‘change of lifestyle’.

“Yeh Dekho Meri Life, Kya Zindagi Ho Gayi Hai? Kaise Ho Gaya Hai Insaan?,” says Sayyed Asif Sayyed Nizam, a goon with more than half-a-dozen crimes against him.

He stunned cops by sending them the video spouting philosophical lines, apparently to gain sympathy even as he remains on the run.

In the video, Asif tried to project himself as broke, famished and living a hard life, showing himself taking cover among some bushes in some fields to
evade arrest.

Watch Video Here