Published On : Sun, Oct 28th, 2012
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Know secret to blossom your relationship – Humdum

Nagpur news: A three day workshop  is going on at Center Point Hotel. This workshop is being conducted by Dr. Rakesh Kriplani . Today on 28th the workshop started early morning  at 10 am and will go on late in the evening. In last two days practically implemented. The guests present were- Amol Dhake, Rupesh and star caste of TV serial “Kya Hua Tera Waada” – Pawan Shankar also accompanied Dr. Rakesh Kriplani.
All the guests spoke things which we tend to miss on our day to day life. And Dr. Rakesh Kriplani with the help of a power point presentation and with his experience enlightened everyone that what we make our lives hell with our own efforts. The people whom we are close to but still have distance is our own family members. When we know we love them then why is everyone shy to express that feeling to their loved one.
He stated “Post-dated checks use karna band karo and ATM cards use karo” in context to relationships which meant, start saying out things loud rather than regretting about it when lost. And the same time he made us realize that importance of something is only known when it is lost.
In the second half of his work shop for the day he made everyone realize the how we are creating more distance between relations through the usage of facebook, mobile, telephone, etc. there was a time when people use to talk more just because they dint have such technologies. But after such technologies have come up distance have increased as in the same room father is busy talking over the phone, mother watching tv, daughter completing her project using facebook had son fidgeting with the new tab at home.
This this while we were able to talk to Mr. Pawan and get his views on the topic humdum. He said that the bond of a relationship is very thin as showed in his serial. Its us who complicate the life and after we loss that thing we realize its importance. As it is show in the serial how after losing Mona he realizes importance of Mona. One more secrete that he shared was relation between him and his father. The way he has groomed him, remembering his father he passed a message to the parents “ keep your hands on the head or shoulder of your child appreciating them in good thing and including them in discussions rather than putting them on the cheek and forcing the kid to go for wrong things”


Ankita Agrawal