Published On : Thu, Nov 5th, 2015

Kissing is an art! Watch out how to do it right!!

Do you have a crush on someone at school or college or at work or someone who travels with you and you want to kiss him/her? But, the problem is in a world obsessed with power, you want to kiss but you want him/her to want to kiss you more. If you can understand the feeling then read on.

You finally have the look that says it all and the eyes do all the talking which your mouth cannot. You have a moment to yourselves and you realize that it may not go as well as you hoped for it and you need help. The next time it happens, you better be ready to go the distance or you’ll end up making them hot for someone else. So, what do you do? You follow these simple steps and hope for the best.

Be confident because you can’t read someone else’s thoughts. Even if you think you can, at best it’s a very good guess so to make things happen your way, you need to show that you are confident and want it. Eye contact is very important because otherwise you could be giving mixed signals which can lead to a million possibilities.
Check out the short and crisp video to take things to the next level.