Published On : Tue, Jun 12th, 2018

Kids rejoice in creative summer camp at Kanhan school

Sree Narayana Vidhyalaya English Medium Primary High School, Kanhan organised a Creative Summer Camp for parents and children upto 15-year-old recently. Various events like marshal art karate, computer hardware, music class, dance class, basic robotics, maths tricks, aerobics, fun with science, craft and art, mehandi and rangoli under the guidance of trained coaches. The organisation had arranged free breakfast for all participants.

The main aim of the camp is to develop the extracurricular activities, physical fitness and mind development. Under the supervision of N Babu Nanan, President of origination along with Archana Yadav Headmistress of Sree Narayana Vidhyalaya English Medium High School, Manjula Xalxo Headmistress of Sree NarayanaVidhyalaya Hindi Ups, Kanhan, Rini Ashish Headmistress of Sree Narayana Hindi Madyamik Shala, Kanhan, Swati Shailendra Headmistress of Sree Narayana Vidhyalaya English Medium Primary, Kanhan, Shailendra Deshbhratar, Abul Hasan, Abhishek Yadav, Mayur Harde, Shital Pilley, Kavita Rai, Mausena Rashid, Karishma Meshram and Kalpna Patil worked hard for the summer camp. Certificated were issued to participants on the concluding ceremony