Published On : Mon, Jun 7th, 2021

Khavayyes throng Saoji hotels to relish special dishes after unlock

Nagpur: Guess who are the most happiest lot over unlocking of Nagpur city following drastic decline in Covid-19 cases? In fact, no need to guess! The foodies! Yes, ‘khavayyes’ have welcomed wholeheartedly the State Government move to ease restrictions in the Second Capital. As if waiting for the development, a horde of khavayyes thronged the Saoji hotels to relish the mouth-watering special dishes. The foodies were seen cherishing a variety of hot, spicy Saoji specials at different hotels spread across the city.

Pic Courtsey ABP Majha

Saoji hotels in Nagpur are famous for serving an array of hot and spicy dishes including veg and non-veg items. Gluttons with a special taste, hog Chicken Saoji, Mutton Saoji, Mutton Masala, Fish Curry and many more saliviating items.