Khabragade,Kurve,Newalwar,Bhivgade and many more like them are Real Heroes of Nagpur

City wears a clean look, thanks to the real heroes this “Safai Karmacharis”, NMC-Kanak Resource Management perform a laudable job

Nagpur: On the occasion of Dhammachakra Pravartan Din or Dusshera, nearly 2.5 lakh people visited the Laxmi Nagar Zone. Right from Ramdaspeth to the end of North and South Ambazhari Roads, food was offered by various charitable organizations to the devotees and visitors.

Food was served on disposable paper and leaf plates. These were disposed of on the roadside stalls. While some conscientious citizens or visitors chose to dump the disposable plates into the bins provided at many places, some village folk chose to dump it wherever they chose fit.

DSC_0637This caused the entire area to look as a war or storm ravaged area strewn with papers, disposable plates and other garbage.

The officials and staff of NMC and Kanak Resource Management performed a laudable job by employing staff even on their holiday and carried out sweeping, collecting, lifting and carrying out the garbage every few minutes.

DSC_0565While talking to Nagpur Today, the supervisors and Safai Karamchari claimed that they worked in three shifts.

According to them, Safai Karamcharis, Supervisors or Jamadars and Inspectors of NMC and Kanak Resource Management of all 10 zones were deployed in and around the Deekshabhoomi for the cleansing job.

There were around 25 small vehicles and 4 trucks deployed to carry out the activities of collecting and carrying the garbage to Bhandewadi and return back to their designated duty place. Each vehicle had one driver and three labourers who collect the garbage from the bins or from the points where garbage is collected into a pile or heap. Each vehicle has made around 6-7 trips to Bhandewadi and back during the 8 hour duty.

DSC_0566 (1)Nagpur Today spoke to the staff of one of the garbage vehicles, which included the Driver, three labourers namely Anand Jangale, Mahesh Meshram and Rajdhoot Dhavne.


The Safai Karamcharis who were sweeping and making piles of the garbage near Deekshabhoomi included:

1. Dilip Khabragade

2. Omprakash Shrirane

3. Jaipal Kurve

4. Nandalal Newalwar

5. Anil Bhivgade

6. Hansraj Wanjari.

These are staff of NMC of one zone working on the first shift from 6 am to 4 pm. There are not just 6 but many more but were spread in a large area. Nagpur Today could just locate 6 who were willing to talk. Others were busy cleaning and had no time to talk.