Published On : Sat, Feb 21st, 2015

Karishma Gavai: A sensitive numero-uno LLB topper


Karishma Gavai, who has topped the University with a huge lead by staying first for 7-8 semesters in 5-years course of Legus Baccalaureus or Bachelor of Law (L.L.B). She was awarded with 15 medals at the 101st RTMNU Convocation.

In an exclusive talk with Nagpur Today, Karishma Gavai while explaining about how she felt receiving a huge tally of gold medals, said that receiving the medals from Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and the Former Chairman of Finance Commission Padma Vibhushan Dr Vijay Kelkar was an immortal moment in my life and will be etched as a special event in my mind throughout my life.

While explaining about the hard work she had put in while studying for LLB, she said that there is no alternative to hard-work in any examination in our life. She opined that our surrounding and motivation plays an important part in our life. In my life, my mother played a very important role in me excelling in my LLB. She has been my constant support. She is the one who has been a person who is with me in my thick and thin, borne all my temper-tantrums, been my shock-absorbers, borne the inconveniences of the weird timings of food intakes, giving coffee at 5 in the morning, sacrificing her comforts and sleep so that I can study well. Karishma claimed that she thanks Almighty God for giving the Best Mother in the entire world.

While speaking about her “Guru”, she said that Advocate Anil Kilor played the key role of a mentor, guide and teacher. He was always there to guide her on the all that she goes to him with. Be it subject related or even some other problems.

While speaking of her friends, she very proudly and emphatically spoke about a group of friends (class-mates) who are more happy and elated with her success which urges her to succeed. These friends have been part of her support system. Their urging her has helped her to keep excelling. While speaking about her best friend and soul mate, Karishma said that her best friend is her best competitor. Her soul mate is Yasmin Hassonjee who too won 3 gold medals in the RTMNU convocation.  She claimed that Yasmin is in fact her biggest threat, yet her soul mate. The friendship which started in the first year of LLB IInd Semester grew stronger as they started studying together, sharing their joys and pains together and growing stronger each year. As of date, they have an unconditional love for each other and help each other without any ulterior motives. The competitiveness has never been a threat instead has worked as a catalyst to study harder.

Karishma’s advice to her juniors

While explaining about studying from her perspective, Karishma said that one should focus on the quality of the study and not the quantity and hours of study. Instead of studying throughout the day and at the end of the day not remembering or recollecting what they studied, one can spend few hours with full concentration. Mugging does not help. One should learn to focus on what we study and understand the concepts properly before going to the next. While speaking about studying for LLB, she said that one can get a lot of notes, bare acts etc. This alone does not help. One should understand the concepts properly by going through the books. One can off-course refer to these notes, but they do not suffice. One should expand one’s memory power and power of retention so that more vital concepts are explained in the answer paper. She added that one should be conceptually clear which she claimed that she used to do. She claimed that she may not necessarily remember the sections, sub-sections, clauses and exceptions, but she certainly knows the concept behind a particular law.

Karishma added that she never followed any particular schedule for studies, nor any particular time-table or allocation of time to any subject. It was more of a need based study. She says one should follow his or her own comfort level of the ideal time to sit and study.

Karishma is doing her Post Graduate degree in Law (LLM). She is also pursuing her Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology from IGNOU.

While speaking about her choosing to do something important in life, she said that if opportunity comes up, she will definitely like to do something that can create an impact in the society. Her next goal is to become a teacher and teach.

While speaking her heart out, she said that there are many laws and acts which needs to be revamped, re-thought and amended. When they were made, they might have served their purpose, but as of date many acts and laws need to be re-thought of, and amended. She explained this by speaking about the misuse of the Domestic Violence Act (498-A) by some women. She added that the way the law was made is totally biased towards women and men have to bear the brunt of the one-sided law. She claimed that women today are literate and know their rights. This many a times is causing them to misuse them for their own ulterior motives. She said that men too have to undergo mental and physical torture.

Karishma who while speaking her heart out said that she is studying Psychology and Criminology which she wants to combine and do something concrete for victims of violence and rape. She claimed that the trauma which a rape victim undergoes is long-term and leaves an indelible mark or scar on the minds and the psych of a victim which one can never get it over with. She wants to work for a trauma centre for rape victims in future so that she can use her acquired skills and knowledge to reduce the pain and trauma of a rape victim.

Karishma is truly a very sensitive girl who has to be saluted for her success.