Published On : Fri, May 1st, 2015

Karhandla Sanctuary beckons wildlife enthusiasts

Umred karhndala  (1)
A visit to any of the wildlife sanctuaries near Nagpur city can be a fruitful venture to wildlife enthusiasts. Since Nagpur is the Tiger Capital, and if one is lucky, one can spot Tigers.

Wildlife tourism in the vicinity of Nagpur consists of Nagzira, Tadoba, Pench, Karhandla etc. It is an exhilarating experience to watch wild animals in their natural habitat.

Recently Nagpur Today’s staff ventured to Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary at Umred. The sanctuary is at a distance of 62 kilometers (approx) from Nagpur. It is about one hour’s ride from Nagpur. The best travel mode recommended is private vehicles or even Motorcycles. The best time advised to venture out to spot wild animals is early morning at around 5:50am, noon after 12:30 pm.

The entry fees
One has to register on-line for entry pass. On-the-spot entry is allowed only after 5:30 am for morning Safari, 12:30 for Safari after noon. A reasonably low amount of Rs 50 per head for people and Rs 100 per vehicle and Rs 300 for a guide is charged. Cameras, mobile phones (kept in silent mode) are allowed without any charge. Open Maruti Gypsies are available at the entrance for Safari tourists.

tigers of Umred karhndala  (3)
Not permitted

The things that are not allowed include plastic bags, plastic wrappers, food items, bottles, cigarettes, liquor and perfume on cloth/attire etc. Drivers are advised not to blow horns. The people are not permitted to alight from their vehicles. Certain spots are earmarked where the wildlife enthusiasts can alight and take pictures.

Animals that can be spotted
One can spot a lot of animals in this wildlife sanctuary. Spotted deer, Indian Gaur, Blue Bull (Neel Gai), Sloth bear, Peacock, Monkeys (Langoors), Leopard (Bibtya), Wild Boar, Wild Dogs (Dhol), Rabits, Barking deer can be spotted. One can see an array of beautiful and colourful birds.

tigers of Umred karhndala  (2)

One of the famous Tigers that can be spotted is named Jai, by the Forest department. He has been migrated from Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary. If one is lucky, one can also spot his cubs which are 6 in number (Three from one tigress while three from another tigress). One another tigress nick-named Chandi can also be spotted along with her four cubs if one is lucky.

Photographs by Praveen Katre