Published On : Fri, Apr 15th, 2016

Kanhan River level goes down, water supply of North, East, South-East Nagpur affected

NMC-OCW managed water supply with Restricted & low pressure in affected areas on April 14 & 15

Kanhan Nadi
In the summer, at a time when temperature in city hovering at around 43 degree Celsius at such time water supply in the areas of North, East and South-East Nagpur got severely affected. Reason, the water level of Kanhan river has gone down and since 14th April ,2016 early morning due to less availability of raw water in the Kanhan river , the required raw water pumping at Kanhan WTP could not be done because of that the water supply in East and South-East Nagpur got severely affected.
The Areas which have received restricted or No water on April 14 & 15 are:

Ashi Nagar Zone: Binaki & Mahendra Nagar ESR’s command Areas
Satranjipura Zone: Shanti Nagar, Bastarwadi , Wanjri ESR’s Command Areas
Lakarganj Zone: Kamana, MiniMata Nagar, Pardi , Bhandewadi , Bharatwada and Lakarganj & Subhan Nagar ESR’s Command areas
Nehru Nagar Zone: Sakkardara I,II,III, Nandanwan new & Existing , Rajiv Gandhi ESR , Tajbagh & Kharbi ESR’s command areas
These areas may receive restricted and low pressure water on April 16 (Thursday) also.


It may be mentioned here, the Kanhan Water Treatment Plant (WTP) lifts raw water from Kanhan River which is perennial in nature, and hence every year during summer period additional water as per requirement is released from Right Bank canal (RBC) of Navegaon Khairi dam to fulfill the water requirement of the Nagpur city. This year also since 23rd March, 2016 around 30 Cusec of water was released by Water Resources Department (erstwhile Minor Irrigation Dept.).


Meanwhile, it was learnt that suddenly RBC was closed for four days i.e from 8th to 11th of April for repair work, however here at Kanhan WTP the reduction in the river flow at the Kanhan intake wells was noticed from 13th of April morning as due to the left out water in the canal and downstream flow the required raw water demand could be fulfilled.

From 13th April, 2016 after the river flow started receding the Minor Irrigation was requested to release additional water from the19.4Km Escape gate on the RBC. The water was release on 12th April by Minor Irrigation Dept. but was less in quantity to travel the zig-zag terrain and reach the Kanhan water works.
On request on 13th April again the additional water was released but as the scorching summer heat during the four days closure had completely dried up the nullah and river terrain path through which the water reaches the Kanhan WTP intake wells the released water is taking more than normal time to reach the intake wells.

2 Kanhan River
Also at various places in the river upstream, the sand excavation in the river bed has created trench and diversions in the flow which is causing hindrance and river flow is progressing at snail’s pace.
Meanwhile, NMC-OCW has initiated various measures to ensure that water reaches at faster rate at the intake wells as well as from there to affected areas of city.

OCW CEO Sanjoy Roy, NMC SE, Shashikant Hastak alongwith other NMC-OCW officials personally visited the site and has directed to prepare a Cross-Bund ( 7m length X 0.5 m height) with 150 odd sand bags on the downstream of Escape gate inside RBC to store sufficient water.

They have asked to deploy an excavator in the Kanhan River near Khaperkheda Bridge to channelize the river flow in the downstream. Further another excavator has been deployed from Kanhan intake well towards upstream side to channelize the river flow.

open strainers
Now Additional water has been released from RBC intake well making total released water to around 100 Cusec

However despite all this difficulties NMC-OCW jointly tried to manage the show by providing low pressure and restricted water in many affected areas. By making some operational changes water from other resources were diverted to Mahendra Nagar, Indora, Minimata Nagar, Bharatwada ESR’s.
Water supply was also managed through tankers in many areas.

OCW-NMC jointly has thanked people from North, East and South-East Nagpur for their co-operation during these difficult days and have appealed for further co-operation also. More details about water supply can be had from OCW Toll Free Number: 1800-266-9899.