Published On : Thu, Sep 8th, 2016

Kamptee Nagar Parishad-run schools in a shambles

Kamptee Nagar Parishad

Nagpur: The tall claims of Sarvashiksha Abhiyan success the politicians make from roof tops could get exposed if one scans the condition of Kamptee Nagar Parishad-run schools. Even though the Nagar Parishad runs 17 schools – Two schools in Marathi medium, 5 in Hindi medium and 10 in Urdu medium, nothing much is being done to improve the condition of schools. Except the Salikram Hindi-Marathi School that has 160 students on its roll, the condition in the seven Marathi and Hindi schools is miserable, to say the least.

Some schools have excess teachers while others have too few.

A Hindi medium school run in the name of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar has only seven students on the roll that too combined strength from Class 1 to Class 4. Out of these seven students, hardly 3-4 students attend the school regularly. More shocking fact is that two full time regular teachers are deployed to teach this meager number of students.

Similar is the sorry condition of another school named Nehru Marathi School. This school has only 13 students on its roll and 7-8 students attend the school. And to impart education to these 7-8 students, four teachers are appointed on regular basis.
Dayal Singh Yadav Marathi School is another example of shoddy affairs. The school has 18 students and two teachers. The Kamptee Nagar Parishad runs 17 schools in Marathi, Hindi and Urdu mediums. Government provides full grant to these schools. However, the government, it seems, turns a blind eye towards the shabby affairs of these schools. The only souls that are happy and cherishing the moments are the teachers. These ‘Gurus’ have no pupils to teach with.

On the other hand, the Urdu medium schools have another sort of problem. These schools have more than enough students on their rolls but are short of teachers. The Imlibagh-based Abdul Sattar Farooqui School boasts of having 350 students but takes a hit when it comes to the number of teachers. It has only 10 teachers. Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Urdu Medium School is also sailing on the same boat. It has 160 students and six teachers.

The number of teachers is more than sanctioned, but lack of proper management ruins any chances of quality education.

Bogus students on the roll:
The Administrative Officer (Education) M B Tirpude, who oversees affairs of Nagar Parishad-run schools, frankly admitted the fact that the condition of Marathi-Hindi medium schools is really miserable. “But it is Government’s policy that even if a single student is in the school, a teacher has to be appointed. Anyway, the schools having meager number of students would be closed in future. Some people are running the schools on the basis of bogus number of students. As soon as I took charge, I am ensuring the correct number of students on the rolls,” Tirpude said.