Published On : Tue, Nov 9th, 2021
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K-Dramas Autumn Guide: Shows That Will Make You Hooked

If you have not watched Squid games at least, how can you call yourself a K-Drama lover? That is a start. However, if you are well acquainted with the field and genre of K-Dramas, you probably are already familiar with many of the top series that are hot on the press at the moment. Today, we will give you the latest hyped series that many are watching right now, meaning you would do well to join in with the hype too!

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 The following best KDramas that we will suggest to you within our article will entail:

  • Squid Games (an obvious choice)
  • The Uncanny Counter
  • Sweet Home 
  • Love Alarm

 Squid Game

So, as we said before, this one may very well be one of the first KDramas that started your addiction, due to it being one of the most popular all-time series to ever grace its presence on Netflix. To summarise this show in a nutshell, this has resemblance to The Hunger Games, being that the main characters need to survive to actually win the game. Yet unlike the inspiration, Squid Game involves a series of games that must be surpassed. Fail to succeed and you basically will die. So, you need to combine deductive skills and strategy to cunningly move forward. Of course, only one player will ever make it out alive, so do not get too attached to the characters…

The Uncanny Counter 

If you are a Ghostbusters fan, this certainly will be one that will bode well to you. Bringing to life a similar concept to the hit American storyline, within this series we see a group of characters that lookout for spirits that prey on the human soul. Having their own set of supernatural abilities, they hide in the crowds with their normal 9-5 job roles, and become spirit hunters in the dark of night. This has become the perfect show for a night in with a bottle of fizzy or a hot cocoa. There is something super cosy with this, that makes a perfect all-nighter Netflix binge-worthy show!

Sweet Home

While KDramas usually have a tendency to go down the path of romance and comedy, this one is refreshing for those that are looking for something different. This series follows a young high school student who happens to be experiencing the supernatural, after the sad passing of all his family. After moving to this new apartment complex, he experiences strange phenomena that reflect his deepest fears and the monsters which haunt his desires. This one will get you thinking, that is for sure.

 Love Alarm

Last but not least, Love Alarm is a series based on the imaginations of an App providing all the answers to one’s love life. This app is the perfect way of understanding if your love or crush is matched, before the excruciating experience of rejection. Love Alarm introduces viewers to Kim Jo-jo, a student who has the heart of two guys. Yet, guess what? They are best friends, and go to the same school together, meaning one thing- trouble. The cliff-hanger that is left at the end for viewers leaves you waiting on who she will actually pick, as annoying as that is, you will be sure to show up for the second season regardless. Who does Jo-jo end up with?