Published On : Sat, Apr 1st, 2017

Just bizarre: Aged man dies watching ‘sexy’ movie at Vijay Talkies but spectators continue ‘enjoying’ the film!

Nagpur: In a bizarre incident, a man around 60-65 years died while watching a ‘sexy’ movie being screened at Vijay Talkies here on Saturday. More bizarre angle to the incident was other spectators continued ‘enjoying’ the movie rather than attending the dead man.

Vijay Talkies is ‘famous’ for screening “A” grade movies. A film titled “Tan Man Aur Dhan” is being screened in the talkies since past days. In the film’s show running from 4 pm to 6 pm, around 50 fans were enjoying the ‘A’ grade movie. One of the fans named Sharad of 60-65 years was among the spectators. However, due to unverified reasons, the aged man collapsed on the floor of the talkies while watching the ‘sexy’ movie and died then and there. Somebody informed Ganeshpeth police who immediately reached the theatre. After Panchnama and other formalities the cops got busy in investigation.

However, what was atrocious fact was that while the cops were doing their job, the movie-goers were found least bothered about the death of the old man and continued enjoying the ‘vulgar’ movie “Tan Man Aur Dhan”, instead. Humanity was put to shame!

The scenario was more “dirty” than the vulgar “A” grade movie.