Published On : Tue, Jan 2nd, 2018

Just 65 students in Borgaon NMC school, Teachers burdened with extra work

Nagpur: The private and English medium schools have mushroomed in city’s every area and so the guardians and parents want to send their wards to the nearest public or English medium school . This has affected the government school which used to have quite a number of students studying. Even the ordinary families like to send their wards to private schools. The parents do not want to send their children in NMC’s (Nagpur Municipal Corporation) schools. There is shortage of students in NMC’s Katol road situated Hindi HIgher Secondary school, From first to seventh standard there are just 65 students and six teachers. To have enough strength in the school the teachers have to think of different ways. It may be strange but true, to maintain the strength of the students and to attract more students the teachers togther make the students autorickshaws’ monthly payment. In this school the students right from Gorewada to Pitesur come here. The students come from nearly 6 to 7 kms to study. For these students autos have hired NMC does not pay for these autos but the teachers have to. The reason behind this is that the parents should send their children to this school. The said autos are for the students till second standard. For this the teachers have to spend Rs 5000.

NMC School sans peon, sweeper
Till 30 June there was a peon in this school but after he retired there has been no peon in this school. Many representations have been sent to the higher officials of NMC but there has been no response. Now the teachers have to carry out the work of the peon. Same is the case with the sweeper here. NMC has not given sweeper to this school. Finally the teacher are paying from their pockets to the sweeper. The woman sweeper has to be given Rs 3000 as pay. Earlier NMC would pay honorarium for the sweeper but that has been stopped now.

Admn gives extra work to teachers
The government school teachers are given extra work beside teaching. The teachers even demonstrated a number of times against this but it fell on deaf ears of State Government. The teachers are given extra work and so the students suffer. School In-charge Vaikuntha Prabhakar Barde informed that the number of students has been on decline and so the teachers have to go from house to house and have to convince the parents. Besides, the teachers are forced to do the the work of election, pulse polio etc. Though the election office has enough employees and officials, still teachers are given the work. Barde also said that from many months two teachers of the school are busy preparing the election list and because of this students are suffering.