Published On : Mon, Jan 27th, 2014

Jai Ho R-Day and Sunday: City goes patriotic, fans swarm cinemas, frenzy marks shoppers

Nagpur News.

January 26, the historic and glorious day for the Republic of India, witnessed the Orange City going ‘Jai Ho, Jai Ho and Jai Ho’ with vivid, vibrant, vivacious colours. And last but not the least, with exhilarating patriotic fervour. The icing on the yummy cake was the day happened to be a Sunday. Dear Sunday. Dear Holiday. The most cherished day by almost all sections of the society. And the society, too, did not disappoint Dear Sunday. The citizens, cutting across “PARTY” line, turned the Republic Day or the Sunday, a memorable one in real sense of the word.


The First Jai Ho scenario was witnessed by the city’s theaters, Cinemaxes and Multiplexes that welcomed swarms of fans rushing to the places and to be in the air-conditioned halls for watching their favourite movies. However, the Republic Day orSunday proudly belonged to superstar Salman Khan starrer JAI HO. The theaters, Cinemaxes and Multiplexes, where the blockbuster movie is being screened, saw House Full, House Full and House Full boards dangling at ticket counters. But interestingly, the disappointed fans outnumbered the lucky ones who were inside the halls enjoying the Sallu Bhai movie. More than double the number of fans were outside and ferociously proving the fact that citizens were at peak of their mood to enjoy the day at whatever cost. It is OK guys. There is always a tomorrow, albeit, not R-Day and Sunday on the same day.


The Second Jai Ho went to patriotism. Apart from the main Republic Day function at Kasturchand Park where a horde of VIPs and common citizens treasured every minute of colourful events, the streets, picnic spots like city’s gardens, Futala Lake and other vantage points were overflowing with citizens of all ages proudly holding the Tricolour, and at the same time enjoyingSunday, too. It was “Jugalbandi” of patriotism and enthusiasm. The streets, every “Mohalla” and other places were reverberating with songs of nationalism. The Tricolour fluttered with every whiff of air, air of ecstatic and patriotic gaiety. The picture cannot be described in words. You can only feel, sense and to be seen to be believed. Jai Ho.


The Third Jai Ho was mindboggling. It was shoppers’ day out. The Malls, Big Bazaars, all the markets turned into the sea of shoppers. People were seen in queues of two, three lines eagerly waiting for their chance to enter the Malls, Big Bazaars and other small and big establishments and shop for their choicest stuff. The three aspects turned the shoppers go frantic: First, it was Republic Day. Second, it was Sunday, and Third, Heavy Discount Sale to match the days. What more you need! The shoppers utilized the opportunity to the hilt. The shoppers included kids with parents, young boys and girls with their friends, newly married women with their husbands, and, of course, grandparents shopping for their little angels, the grandchildren. The businessmen, too, were a happier lot. Brisk business, brimming shoppers, and brimming cash counters, too. All in one.  The description of the picture at vantage business houses could not be summed up in words at a short space. But it was really shoppers’ day out.

The Fourth Jai Ho, however, eventually turned out to be halfhearted for Government staffers. They were cursing their luck for only one reason. Why Republic Day on Sunday? The R-Day snatched their one holiday. No need to grimace. It happens. Even otherwise, most of the Government employees work as holiday on any working day!! Not everyone….. but.


However, there was no Jai Ho for hundreds of two-wheelers, three-wheelers and four-wheelers. Nagpur police cracked down on overenthusiastic riders and drivers on various counts. After all it was Republic Day. Law and Order was to be maintained at all cost. The slight overacting drew the attention of hawk-eyed cops and they did not spare the violators. Hundreds of vehicle owners were challaned for different reasons. And not to mention, many pockets went lighter. Even otherwise, the security was airtight for the Republic Day. And the police were in no mood to tolerate nonsense. Thanks Nagpur Police. The Republic Day and Sunday passed peacefully and decently.

The R-Day and Sunday, too, emerged victorious. The valued citizens treasured every moment of the day was more than enough for the Day to be proud.