Published On : Fri, Feb 26th, 2016

It’s pressurized & adequate water for Pawanbhoomi, Shriram Nagar residents


aajiNagpur: The-age old low pressure & limited water supply, filling water from 5 feet deep sumps, family members engaged every day for few buckets of water, these days have become things of past for hundreds of residents of Pawanbhoomi, Shriram Nagar, Ganguly Lay Out localities located on Wardha Road of South-West Nagpur..

“Thanks to Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Orange City Water, who jointly studied the intricacies, the hydraulic design and the geographical positioning of the area. They made a boosting arrangement from Pench-IV Main pipe line to existing supply line at Shriram Nagar are and improved the pressure conditions. Other works such as installation and operations of valves in the area at proper timings and continuous supervision by the vigilant staff of NMC-OCW also helped a long way in achieving the desired results”, said the delighted residents of these area.

They said, “Now we are receiving almost 3 to 4 hours pressurized and adequate water supply that too at our Kitchen Taps. No need to wait and engage every member of family for potable water anymore.”
It must be noted here, The Pawanbhoomi, Shriram Nagar, Ganguly Lay Out and other nearby colonies here started building up way back in 1980’s. Earlier, the entire area was dependent majorly on public wells and bore wells.

Mr.-Laxmanrao-DeshpandeWhen they were provided with water connections, the initial years went smooth. However, when the colonies started to grow at a faster pace and the population of the area increased, the water supply pressure became a glaring problem for all of them.

Mrs.-Urmila-DeshpandeLaxmanrao Deshpande & Urmila Deshpande a senior couple and resident of Shriram Nagar since past 35 years while confirming this improvement informed that they had been following up for the resolution of this complaint since last 15 years. We faced lot of difficulties like fetching water was a dreaded task for senior citizens like them. They had to fetch water from their main gate to the kitchen. But with very less pressure, this took too much of time and they could never get sufficient water”.

Another senior citizen Lule said she and other family members used to spend quality hours to bring water and store it for sufficient use for both potable and non-potable use. Now with water supply with full pressure reaching directly at Kitchen Otta, I can spend my precious time in other household works too”. Now a days just turn the tap at Kitchen and get sufficient water. We have faced severe problems and literally struggled every day, but now we are happy that present and future generation will get sufficient water and can invest their precocious time in other work, she added.

Mr.-Pramod-AgastiExperts from OCW took rigorous efforts to eliminate this problem and they it, said Pramod Agasti. He stated that for years together the water did not reach even the tap that was in the 5 feet deep sump due to weak pressure. But now it has been more than 6 months that there is no issue of water supply in this area. If there are any petty issues, the OCW staff attends it soon as we register complaint on the OCW toll free number

Mrs.-Sandhya-Prakash-SatputSandhya Prakash Satpute told that the water never reached the cooking platform in her kitchen. There was not sufficient pressure even for the water to reach the purifier. Those were difficult days. But today we have ample water, it reaches not just the cooking platform but up to the first floor.

Mrs.-Malutai-Sevakram-ZadeMalutai Sevakram Zade told that water problem was an issue that completely left us in trouble for 3-4 years. You may say that we received no water at all. But NCM-OCW resolved our issue very efficiently.

All the technical expertise when united with a sense of empathy towards citizens and their problems, the results come out in the form of delight and smiles on the faces of consumers, like those in Pawanbhoomi, Ganguly Layout and Shriram Nagar.