Published On : Sun, Jul 21st, 2013
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It’s flowing fun at Ambazari Lake in Nagpur Youth hangs out for great wet weekend!!!

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The heavy spell of rains might have flooded trouble for many but it’s certainly awesome for some. Especially the enthusiastic lot of Nagpur who crave for enjoying that power splash in the scene that’s rarely greeted to them. And what else can be as fun filled and ravishing as the gushing waters from the spillage of Ambazari lake. This weekend, the youth were in for splashing surprise as they hit out at the city’s favorite hang spot. They drenched, splashed fun and filled their hearts and minds up with tons of masti in the mini springs falling from the lake.

Downpour on Friday led the mighty yet manageable gushes of water spill out of the overflowing Ambazari lake. This created quite a scene that caught everyone’s attention. What’s more the fun-loving and masti maniacs of Nagpur can ask for, than to have a wet weekend like this with once-in-a-year happening of the city.

On Saturday large number of youth, mainly college goers thronged at this naturally developed stream and enjoyed the free water ride with loads of fun. Some also tried swimming at the spilling water body, while others just stood aside and rested their eyes upon all the drenched drama.

Nagpur Today caught a glimpse of mood and atmosphere that surrounded Ambazari Lake.

It’s a Water Fair…The Wet Affair…

As the walls of Ambazari Lake splurged milky white gushes of water, Nagpur fun lovers could not hold back. Spotting such a silky sight they irresistibly bumped into the stream, and what followed was the fair like atmosphere at the spot.

Netting Up Splash…Enjoying Monsoon Bash

The little masters tried all possible means they could to add up huge splashes of fun to their water play. Some attempted cool fishing while others watched in amaze. The low lying patch beside Ambazari Lake certainly served as the breeding ground for young swimmers as water was filled up to the exciting level.

Wet Fun on the Run…

Those who love adventure amidst greens were at maximum advantage as they got to swim in the freshly rained water and that too within bustling city. So was the dramatically pristine atmosphere atop Ambazari lake that the young lot could not make out whether they are in the city or in the wilds.