Published On : Tue, May 31st, 2016

Is Nagpur city monsoon ready?

Ghat Road RUB

Ghat Road RUB

Nagpur: As they say fore-warned is fore armed, one needs to be ready for all eventualities. Almost every monsoon, Nagpur city faces a lot of problems. One of the main problems is the water-clogging at various important places, junctions or roads.

Water clogging could be witnessed under the Loha Pul (Iron Bridge) on Ghat Road, near Cotton Market, near Narendra Nagar etc. The people who have to traverse and cross from the under-bridge are practically cut-off.

On many occasions, it was observed that small children or students have been washed away by swift water currents. Many two-wheeler riders have faced the problem of water entering the silencers or engine and their vehicles stalling.

Till recently water never got collected in Morbhavan Bus stand and Rani Jhansi Square. However, last year, the shopkeepers of Vidarbha Sahitya Sankul too faced heavy losses as water entered the shops in the basement. It was a flood like situation in many areas of the city.

This year, again the NMC has started desalting and cleaning the Nag Nadi aka Nag Nala. The contractor who is supposed to remove the dirt, mud, muck, plastic waste from the canal is expected to remove the material from the canal and remove it from the banks to some other place for dumping. However, as usual, one can find heaps of mud and slime on the banks of the Nag Nadi which are not been ferried away. This slime will flow back into the Nag Nadi causing blockages at various culverts and rain-water to flow out onto the roads.

Narendra Nagar RUB

Narendra Nagar RUB

At Ghat Road, many residents feel that the rain water is certain to enter their offices or houses since the rain-water drain has been blocked by the newly constructed cement roads. The man-holes situated at many places to clean the rain-water drains have not been done so far.

The rain-water drains at many places have not been cleaned as yet, nor has sewage lines been cleaned. This is sure to cause sewage water to seep out onto the roads or block people’s toilets (if the houses are low-lying).

However, the authorities of SNDL and the MSEDCL have already started trimming the tree branches that are touching high-tension wires or electric wires so that during monsoon, the tree branches do not cause short-circuits.