Published On : Wed, Jan 27th, 2016

Is KP Ground becoming an MP bus-stand?

MP Bus Stand, Nagpur (4)Nagpur: Apart from beggars and vendors defacing and dirtying one of the land-marks of the city Kasturchand Park Ground, Private Bus Operators of buses ferrying passengers to Madhya Pradesh have joined the band-wagon.

Men, women, children of the Pardhi tribe who indulge in selling balloons, toys and other items like flannel cloth, sun-shade etc have made the compound walls and the Kasturchand Park ground boundaries are their residence. Not only do they defecate and make the ground smelly, they dry their washed cloth on the compound walls giving the entire premise a very dirty look. Only when some very big dignitaries are slated to have a programme in the Park Ground, which the ground is cleaned and all such vermin are ousted from the area. On all days of the year, the external compound wall is used to optimum levels by the vendors selling Tea, Poha, Cigarettes, tobacco pouches etc.

MP Bus Stand, Nagpur (5)
With Sankashta Chaturthi observed on January 27, 2016 and the route jam packed with devotees, the Private Bus Operators ferrying passengers to Madhya Pradesh have made Kasturchand Park Ground their bus stand to solicit passengers and to ferry passengers. If this practice is not stopped, soon it may turn to become MP bus stand.

MP Bus Stand, Nagpur (1)
By Samuel Gunasekhran.
Pics by Vinay Nimgade.