Published On : Thu, May 27th, 2021

Is it still safe to Travel to Hong Kong

When it comes to glamour or luxurious shopping, the first name that occurs to the mind of several people is Hong Kong. Yes, Hong Kong is a paradise for shoppers. Nonetheless, it is also famous for its culture and history apart from the wonderful skylines. You might be intrigued to know what is Hong Kong SAR.  Moreover, the above-stated reasons might be enough for you to travel to the city right now. However, have you yet given a thought to the safety of the city? Since we are concerned about your safety, this article will provide you with all the information you need about safety with regard to travelling to Hong Kong now.


Why to consider your safety?

There are two major reasons why one must consider their safety when it comes to travelling to Hong Kong right now.

  • Coronavirus: The spread of coronavirus along with a high number of cases in Hong Kong in January has been negatively impacting the efforts associated with bringing the tourists back to the city. Due to the outbreak, several theme parks and other activities have been shut unless there is a reduction in the spread of the virus. Therefore, if you wish to travel to Hong Kong, you must take into consideration the coronavirus pandemic prior to your travel decisions.
  • Protests: There have been protests in Hong Kong due to several reasons. Earlier, these were not violent at all, but with time, violence became a part of it. This has also escalated the political sensitivity which may further give rise to violence and protests. They might take place without any kind of warning throughout the city. Therefore, if you are willing to visit Hong Kong right now, you may consider not be a part of the protests or even go to the places where such protests have been taking place to ensure the safety of yourself and that of the people you are travelling with including your family, friends, or a partner. 


What are the protests regarding?

The protests that have been taking place in the city of Hong Kong are majorly associated with the government bill that complies with a Chinese government request for extraditing citizens to the Peoples Republic of China from Hong Kong. Currently, China seeks to augment influence and power in the area, which seems to be an infamous move amongst the citizens of Hong Kong. Due to the wavering commitment that the country has demonstrated to fair trials, freedom of speech, transparency, and basic human rights, this move has majorly been objective by the citizens of Hong Kong, especially the youth. 


Is it Safe to Visit Hong Kong Right Now?

The city of Hong Kong is known to be among the safest cities across the globe, which has great standards of healthcare and medicine as well as low rates of crime. Moreover, the protests have further reduced the tourism in the city, which is why the businesses and hotels require visitors desperately. This means that it is an excellent time to visit the city. 

The city is definitely safe to be visited unless a visitor wishes to be a part of the protests or witness them. 

In fact, the United States State Departmenthas given a Level 2 warning, which means the actions in Hong Kong are considered to be of the same level of caution as compared to everyday life in Rome or London. This means that the level of caution you are required to maintain in the city is equal to that you would maintain when in London on a normal day based on the crime rate. 


What if You Have Already Bought the Plane Tickets?

Well, based on the article read till now, if you have made your mind to visit the city, then it is amazing that you have already bought the plane tickets. One task has already been checked off the list. However, if you have decided that you do not wish to take the risk of visiting the city during the protests considering the protests might even escalate, you do not have to go. In case you have bought your plane tickets, you may simply ask your airline to issue a travel waiver for you so you can be permitted to change for free. 


The Bottom Line

Hong Kong, which is a Chinese special administrative region, is a beautiful place to be visited for its attractions include the statue of Buddha apart from the skylines and luxurious shopping choices. For these reasons, you may consider visiting the place now. Regarding your safety, it is still safe to visit the city, considering you will not be a part of the protests going on and ensure social distancing since the COVID-19 pandemic still persists in the region.