Published On : Wed, Oct 22nd, 2014

Is it raining birds this Diwali?


Nagpur Today: Move over dazzling rockets, sparklers and other crackers. We shall make your Diwali more colorful – even if we have to give up our lives in the
process. As I opened my balcony door this morning, this was the sight that waited for me. A colorful bird – a parakeet of some variety, a colored Robbin- God knows who he is, but he was very, very dead. No signs of injury on his body anywhere; this was no cat attack or even a burn case. Probably shock from the constant noise of the big bang ‘ladees’ or smoke and pollution?

I should mention here that I live in Bajaj Nagar and never have we seen a bird like this in our garden or the trees around. So it may be possible that he was trying to flee his normal habitat and fell down exhausted, injured and or just gave up on a world that seemed to have gone mad.

It should make us ponder – what kind of a festivity is this that pollutes our air and our earth, causes so much destructive noise and is not only hazardous to our children but fatal to other species? Is Goddess Laxmi really going to smile on us after all this?

– Sunita Mudaliar