Published On : Sun, Aug 25th, 2013

Is begging becoming a lucrative, prosperous business as Orange City witnesses a spurt?

Nagpur News:

The inflation or ever growing prices of daily need stuff has given a Gift! The ever growing unemployment has given a Gift!! The ever growing population has given a Gift!!! The ever growing desire to earn easy money has given a Gift!!!! However, the Gift is unwanted. The Gift is not loving but on the contrary pestering, irritating and is ugly, too. The Gift is in the form and shape of a Beggar. And the Orange City has unwillingly accepted the Gift. They say: Beggars have no choice. They have. Of begging. Many are in the field by miserable condition. Many are in the field by choice (Easy money). Many are born to beg. Many are forced to go begging or face starvation. Many have migrated from other states for the specific reasons.

The Second Capital is dotted by beggars. Every major square is occupied or shared by the species. And the Red signal is in fact Green signal for them to rush to vehicle owners for alms. Every beggar has his or her own style. Some women with babies in the arms seek mercy and, coins, too. Some sans limbs gather strength and chase the vehicles stopped at the Red signal.

The Orange City being very very important one on all fronts, thousands of people from all fields visit Nagpur. And thebegging scenario of the city creates a bad impression. And not to mention, the city taking a severe beating on the prestige issue. No doubt it is a matter of great shame for everyone. It has assumed wide dimensions. An exact number could be a wild guess. The reason being the growing number every hour, every day, every week, every month, and every year. Thebegging has become a profession. It is carried on as an art.


However, now-a- days, the beggars have choice. They have increased their “charges.” From 50 paisa to Re 1 to Rs 2 to Rs 5 to Rs 10 in accordance with the personality they beg. And in a way, they are right. In today’s inflationary situation, Rs 50 could be ideal. But one thing the beggars should understand. The sympathizers, too, are in trouble. They are also taking the brunt of ever growing prices.


There are people who are physically sound but who undertake begging as their profession, for it enables them to earn their living easily. Some give up their family life. Almost every day or the other, a religious organization holds religious programme in a temple. And at such programme food is free and in abundance. The lazy beggars find their ways to the place where they are sure food is guaranteed. And for other amenities, begging is there


People with no desire to work hard but need everything see the begging the best bet and enter the field with “determination” as lifelong mission. And the number is counting.

The problem of begging has no answer . No law can curb the menace. The wholehearted alms-giving is a lose-lose situation. Only those who are crippled, helpless or homeless could be considered that too through a proper channel.

As far as Government efforts are concerned, a try must be given for rehabilitating widows, orphans, and other helpless people. This will prevent them from joining the vagabond. Laws are also an answer.

However, the problem is monstrous. And, it appears, there is no solution. The more the population growth the more the beggars.