Published On : Tue, Jun 2nd, 2015

Irregularities galore at Hotel Heavens: Authorities turn blind eye

IMG_20150530_070232Nagpur: As of date, it appears that those who live legally abide all laws, run business establishments by obtaining all due permissions and adhering to all statutory laws, it becomes very difficult for them. However, those who break all laws do not adhere to the statutory provisions and laws are enjoying their life and seem to be minting money too.

Hotel Heavens is located near WOX Cooler Factory on Koradi Road, Prabhag No 1 of NMC and falling within the jurisdiction of Koradi Police Station. The authorities of Hotel Heavens do not have any parking facility of area for parking for their customers. They do not have license to sell and serve liquor (From Excise Department) right from the time the hotel started operations.

The hotel authorities direct the customers to park their vehicles on the service road and when that is fully occupied, they use the parking space situated in front of Rajat Heights (Flat cum Commercial Scheme). This parking is done by Dadagiri (by Bossing around).

The bossing around done by the owners and the authorities of Hotel Heavens is so powerful that the residents of Rajat Heights, personnel of Highway Police, personnel of Traffic Police, personnel of Koradi Police get cowed down by them. It is interesting to note that the Guardian Minister Chandrashekar Bawankule passes this Hotel to and fro his residence.

The hotel owners and authorities are neither afraid of the Guardian Minister not are they afraid of the police and other officials. They seem to enjoy some special clout which gives them immunity from any legal action. To add to that, most of the customers who visit the hotel too are powerful, rich and famous.

High-end liquor served without liquor license

Those hotels which adhere to the rules and regulations of the Excise department have to get a liquor storing and service license. This has to be renewed yearly. This also requires them to pay excise duty, service tax for the liquor sold/served. These hotels have to abide by the time-frame i.e. the duration in which they can serve the liquor.

IMG_20150530_094559However, hotels like Hotel Heavens who do not have any valid liquor storing and service license serve liquor (which includes Indian Made Foreign Liquor, Imported liquor and high-end/costly liquor) without any compunction. The customers who enjoy liquor at the Hotel Heavens too do not carry any liquor consuming license.

It is strange that even though the Excise Department, the District Collector, the police officials knows about the rampant irregularities in Hotel Heavens, no action has ever been initiated against the authorities or owners of Hotel Heavens till date. After service liquor to the customers, the empty liquor bottles are dumped in the canal nearby.

Haunt for high-profile Cricket bookies

Last year, when the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) arrested Nagpur based Cricket Bookies, the owner of Hotel Heavens too was arrested by the CBI personnel and taken to Delhi. This was because he himself was a bookie and made the place available for cricket booking and other illegal activities.

This is a favorite haunt for the bookies earlier too and still continues to be a haunt for bookies.

It will be worth noting when an exigent action be taken by the Excise Department, the present District Collector, and the present Police Commissioner etc. These above mentioned irregularities are causing heavy revenue loss to the government and to add to that is causing many social problems and to the nearby residents (parking).


– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( )