Published On : Sun, Jun 1st, 2014

IPL-7 Mania: ‘Veer-Zara’ to clash on field in sizzling final tonight, City cheers for Zara

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In another extravagant grand finale of Indian Premier League, Kings XI Punjab and Kolkata Knight Riders are set to sizzle TV screens today at 8 pm, bringing down the TRPs of ‘saas-bahu’ and ‘luv-shuv relationship’ channels to new low. The excitement has just soared like Nagpur temperature among the cricket buffs here. The game frenzy has caught up with the bookies and game lovers alike, betting big moolah on their favorite teams.

You would wonder what Veer and Zara have to do with all this!! Well before you run amok, you need to slightly rewind your memory feed and relive director Yash Chopra’s love saga ‘Veer-Zara’ in which Shahrukh Khan and Preity Zinta, owners of KKR and Kings XI Punjab, played Veer and Zara, respectively. Now, the onscreen passionate lovers Veer and Zara have turned towards a real fierce cricket battle in IPL7 final. While Kolkata Knight Riders has bright chances of winning, Kings XI Punjab too cannot be far behind when it comes to snatching away the trophy, given its power performance in the semi-final.

This time bookies have preferred Zara as the safe bet, as higher odds are placed on Kings XI Punjab.

Nagpur Today zeroed in on few of the cricket lovers and bookies to know their team orientation. Most of the people preferred Zara ala Preity Zinta to grab the trophy this season.

A cricket maniac, apparently a college student who wished not be named said he had placed odds on both the teams in order to play safe. “If Zara wins I will rejoice but Veer’s victory will put me in little loss. However, it will be a win-win situation either way for me…If not for me someone from my group will throw the party for all of us. We’re gonna have blast tonight,” he quipped.

Says a cricket bookie, “This season’s final appears quite uncertain as both the previous winners are at loggerheads and both command equal likelihood of victory. However, we are offering higher odds for Preity Zinta’s Kings XI Punjab, given the exemplary performance of her players in the semi finals. Shahrukh’s KKR players too have perfected their game with every season and it showed up when the team emerged winner in IPL 2012. So all we can say is to just wait for the game to reach the conclusion.”

Sheila Kotecha, a housewife and diehard cricket fan, is optimistic about KXIP winning the trophy, while her husband Sheetal has special affinity towards KKR.

Says Amol Landge, “Whoever wins this night, but the match is for sure going to bring bundle of surprises for hordes of cricket fans here.”

So all you guys…Just soak in to cricket frenzy tonight!!