Published On : Mon, May 16th, 2016

Inspiring Tale : Left plum Microsoft job to choose Alag Raah in Nagpur

mangesh-onStage1Nagpur: At a time when StartUp culture has taken over young and going generation, entrepreneurship is certainly the order of the day. However taking a step further few such mentors and motivators chose to share their stories to inspire more such people through ‘Alag Raag’ which witnessed its 26th event in Nagpur on Sunday. This program was specifically focussed on highlighting the achievements and commendable work done by lesser known people who live among us, and forms the crux of progressive society.

Alag Raah is a unique event to show to the people that one need not be a billionaire philanthropist or an altruist social worker to do substantial work in a given domain. The program is hosted by Dr. Avinash Saoji of ‘Prayas’ an NGO from Amravati. The chief guest of the program was  Mangesh Wankhade.

Originally an engineer from Amravati district, he now runs multiple companies under the name of ‘Scout Group’.

The highlight of the programme was the valuable experience shared by Mangesh Wankhade who narrated his hardships and experiences of his school years. The discussion then segued into his job experiences at various companies and how his attitude towards a job changed over time. He explained how he was slowly bitten by the entrepreneurship bug when he glanced upon the Infosys building for the first time. How he finally left his job at Microsoft and then went on to pursue his business ideas full time was a true inspiration for the youngsters present.

He explained why and how they chose ‘Solar’ and ‘Parking’ as domains to work on for their income.

The importance of bread-and-butter income wasn’t forgotten and taken care of by the help of a Software Services business that he started right after he left his job.

The various hardships, losses and challenges encountered by him while pursuing his plans were true eye openers for people thinking that it was an easy journey.

Parking was one of his pet problems and you could see the twinkle in his eyes as he explained the various problems and how he found ingenious solutions to them.

Mangesh Wankhade has a notable patent to his name which describes mechanism to park a high number of vehicles in a relatively small area.

On the strength of these patents he has started an infrastructure company which is working closely with the government to bring his ideas to fruition.

His ingenuity is also clearly apparent in his efforts to help the poor and affected farmers back in his home district of Amravati.

He had a clever idea of capitalizing on the ‘marathon runner’ fad by using collected funds to provide sewing machines to wives of farmers in aforementioned villages.

He even managed to rope in Salman Khan and other celebrities to grace this occasion and boost the fund collection process.

The event’s highlight was when he helped the youngsters present at the event in establishing their vision and goals for the next ten years.

He described the process of using ‘people as reminders’ and the importance of publicly declaring your goal to create a sort of ‘positive pressure’ to help stay motivated and achieve your goals.

The event concluded with closing notes by Dr. Saoji. Next ‘ALAG RAAH’ event is scheduled on the June 12, 2016.