Influential persons given concession in land devpt charges in new Metro plan, says Prashant Pawar

Prashant Pawar on Metro Region Plan
Nagpur: The Metro Region plan was released recently but the State Govt has been accused of making changes in the plan under political pressure. The influential and political persons have been given concession in the land development charges and for this the reservation system has been changed, says President of Jai jawan Jai Kisan Sanghatana Prashant Pawar. According to the plan the land has been divided into four segments from R 1 to R 4 . the land inside the city has been divided into R1 and R2 and the land in the rural area as R3 and R4. There is a provision of charging 15 per cent development charges on R3 and R4 where as R1and R2 has been exempted from this. Pawar alleged that the maximum land in R1 and R2 belongs to influential and political people and so purposely this has been done. The land has been divided into four division very intelligently. In doing this Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) officials are involved. It is being claimed that with the help of google map the metro region plan has been made but cleverly it has been given shape. On one hand the influential people are being given help from government while on the other hand the people living in the rural area have been deprived of their rights in the name of the development charges and Metro Region plan.

Till now it is not clear how many kms the metro region plan is going to be
implemented. The agency taking money from the people has not be able to provide basic facilities how can that agency provide facilities in the villages which are 75 kms away from the city. Will the NIT take up the development works here? In the metro region there are 719 village and if the plan is implemented 2 lakh people will be displaced. NIT is claiming that the metro region plan is being implemented but there is no mention of formatting the plan. NIT has been trying to befool the people. The interference of city agency in rural area is flouting of MRTP Act

One Zone missing from new plan
One zone which is there in old plan is missing in the metro region plan released by the state government on 5 January. In the plan of 2010 there are 10 zones while now in new plan are just 9. Pawar has demanded the answer of this as to why this has been done. He has claimed that in the first plan zone was present in Guardian Minister’s Assembly constituency which has been removed. In this zone Koradi and the adjoining villages were there, but from metro plan these have been removed and in this area construction works will be independent. Pawar has demanded that the NIT should clear the reason behind this.

Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Sanghatana to agitate
According to Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Sanghatana the government has been depriving the development agency working in the rural area of its constitiutional rights. The representative of the village is Sarpanch and he has got rights and to keep them, the Sanghatana will launch an agitation for this. Sarpanchs convention will be held on January 21 to inform them of their rights.

CBI probe demanded into corruption in Metro Region Plan
Pawar has levelled charges that the Helco Consultant Company was given Rs 12 crore for preparing the plan. In fact the the work was done by NIT itself. The money went in the officials pockets. This is a serious matter and a CBI probe should be done.