Published On : Fri, May 21st, 2021

India’s Gaming Industry – A Sector That Could Further Grow Anytime Soon

The gaming industry in India has been experiencing massive growth over the past years. Technological advancements such as artificial intelligence have taken the online gaming experience to new heights. There are hundreds of game development companies in India alone, and it will continue to grow as more and more Indians are into gaming.

The state of India’s gaming industry

It was in the 90’s era when India was first exposed to digital gaming. At that time, almost everyone wants to have a gaming console, but the thing is, only a few can afford the heft price. PlayStations, Xbox, and installing games on computers come with a price, and only those who have extra money can afford it. However, the scenario is different now. With the development and introduction of affordable smartphones, everyone, even the low-income family, can own a smartphone and access online games easily. India’s population has something to do with the growth of India’s gaming industry. It has the largest youth population in the world, making India one of the world’s leaders in the gaming sector.

India’s mobile game market is a multi-billion dollar industry, and it will continue to grow in the coming years. It is one reason why major players in the gaming industry are willing to invest money in the country. Some of the big names in the industry had already invested in India’s gaming market, such as AGTech Holdings and Alibaba. Mobile Legends in India is also a big thing as StormStudio partnered with the mobile game publisher, Gamesbond.

Aside from the usual online games, action-based games have also dominated the Indian market. In fact, it has grown exponentially in the past years. The in-app purchases for action-based games rise by 241%. For casual online games, the total time spent by Indian players rises to 84%. There is a notable increase in online gambling, and it is linked with the bonus for new players. It is a way of enticing new players to try on online games. Hence, it is safe to say that India’s online gaming sector will continue to rise as it does not show any signs of slowing down despite the pandemic.

Leading the way

India’s gaming market is a sector that will continue to boom for the coming years considering the constant advancement in technology. A perfect example is cloud gaming that opens up the massive market opportunity that online gaming takes beyond interactive entertainment. It is without a doubt that gaming is one of the fastest-growing sectors for monetization. It speaks not only for the Indian gaming market but the entire world.

Gaming is a massive industry, especially online gaming, where it gives people the chance to experience all sorts of entertainment right in the comfort of home. Looking back, we can say that India’s gaming industry has come a long way. Today, almost 70% of India’s population have smartphones, which makes online gaming more accessible. The affordable price of the smartphone, along with 5G connectivity and advancement in gaming software, cloud gaming, and data analytics, have all contributed to the massive growth of India’s gaming sector. Many investors are fascinated by the gaming industry’s growth. Even the big names in the gaming industry were enticed to invest in the country’s gaming sector. These improvements show that India’s gaming sector is here to stay. It is an industry that could still further grow despite the uncertainties in the socio-economic sector brought about by the global pandemic.