Published On : Tue, Mar 29th, 2016

Indian Broiler Farm on Koradi Road turning life of people a living hell

IMG_20160322_172850Nagpur: This place is not only the neighbour’s envy but is scorned by one and all passing through it. The place called Indian Broiler Farm situated right in front of old Octroi Post on Koradi Road is more of a nuisance than a farm. The foul stench is so strong  that it has turned the lives of people in the radius of half kilometer a hell. People traversing on the stretch of road sense the odour as soon as theyu enter the half km zone.

The broiler farm adjoins the nearby National Highway. The area is in grip of nauseating stench 24 hours 7 days a week and so on. The passing through the stretch is nothing but tormenting oneself thanks to the foul atmosphere the broiler farm is creating. No wonder the nearby residents are facing health hazards every now and then.

Adding to the woes, the owner of the broiler farm releases the dirty water, accumulated at the farm due to cleansing of filthy stuff, at the nearby open pipeline passing along the side of Service Road of National Highway. The solid waste flowing along filty water many a time blocks both ends of the pipeline and thus turns the spots a hell. The jammed waste emanates unbearable stench and living there means inviting deadly diseases, to say the least. The high-flying as well as stagnated feathers of a horde of broiler chickens tell a different tale, of course, the dreadful one.

IMG_20160322_175851Moreover, complaints after complaints with concerned department of Nagpur Municipal Corporation are being treated with disdain. The broiler farm, which comes under Ashi Nagar Zone of NMC, must be ‘treating’ the authorities differently forcing them to turn a blind eye to the nuisance it is creating. The citizens who had purchased plots or flats near the broiler farm are cursing their fate and repenting the deals. The plot owners are hesitating to construct their dream homes and the flat holders passing the foul moments grudgingly.

Notably, the Koradi Road-based Indian Broiler Farm is a hub of wholesale farm of the species. It is originally the poultry farm of Rajnandgaon in Chhattisgarh. Now, their broiler farms are spread all over Nagpur district. Another creepy aspect that has come to fore is that the broiler chickens of this farm are not fit for consumption for one reason or the other mainly due to faulty upkeep of chopped chickens. The “enjoying” the broiler chickens could mean inviting health hazards. In such situatation, the Indian Broiler Farm is subject of close scrutiny by the NMC as well as Food and Drug Administration (FDA).