Published On : Wed, Aug 5th, 2015

India reacts to ban of pornography

It was just a few days ago that an AIB video urged us all to make peace with our ‘best friend’ and take the ‘matters into our hands’. However, the recent porn ban in India has undone all the good done by the video and has created rifts between men and their best friends yet again. While it’s not the first time Indian government has tried to nab the access to pornographic content in India, it’s the sheer secrecy with which everything has happened this time, that has hit us hard.

Amid widespread shock and grief, we stumbled upon an opportune video produced by AIB in 2013 which perfectly shows the reactions of Indians post the inhumane ban on pornography in India.

Any resemblance to any character in the video is totally understandable. We all mourn the death of our favourite porn sites.