Published On : Fri, Apr 1st, 2016

India lost semifinals but Nagpur wins in keeping sports spirit alive despite on low!

Nagpur: Putting an end to India’s journey in T20 World Cup 2016, West Indies thrashed the Indian strikers in an exciting finish in the semifinals on Thursday. While the defeat brought down all the cheers and thumping nationwide, Nagpur proved to be an exception! Despite their wishes to see India in the finals shattered, Nagpur cricket fans demonstrated the sporting spirit by equally thumping for West Indies after they emerged winners.

Many die hard cricket buffs in Nagpur had kept the fire crackers ready in the anticipation that their team might win. However as the result drew towards an end, taking out Indies as clear winner, the city cricket lovers showed their real love for the game and came out cheering as they salute the power performance by West Indies players who posted the seemingly difficult victory in quite a swift finish!

Says an enthusiastic fan, “We had brought the crackers to celebrate India’s win, however, we were disappointed that our team could not make it to the finals. But this did not deter us from celebrating the spirit of game. All this is the part and parcel of the game.  We believe that enjoying every bit of it is the true sports spirit. So we burnt crackers even after West Indies posted smashing victory. This was done not to side Indies but to show that we eat, live and breathe cricket and salute every good performance, whether it comes from Virat Kohli or Russel (Indies player).”

Moreover the celebration was more of wiping off the despair than celebrating West Indies triumph. “The dismal show off by Indian cricketers has certainly let down the aspirations of every cricket fan in the city, who had pinned their hopes for this year’s trophy. But we believe that the show must go on. Now we have set our eyes on the finals where England and West Indies will fight the battle for the ultimate victory!