Published On : Wed, Jul 1st, 2020

India foils Chinese conspiracy by banning 59 popular-apps: Ajit Parse

Nagpur: The plan of Chinese Government of targeting youngsters and children to become their future customers has been foiled by the stringent measures taken by the Indian Government when they decided to ban the popular mobile apps like tik-tok, share-it….etc. This step taken by the Indian Government is certainly going to strengthen the Indian economy by hitting the Chinese economy adversely.

The techniques in which these apps were developed by Chinese government were to ensnare the Gen-X indirectly supporting the Chinese economy.This conspiracy and plan of Chinese government is claimed to be a psychological warfare by a Social Media Analyst Ajit Parse.

With the help of these apps, Chinese products made way into different Indian households. However, these apps have automatically been deleted from various mobiles because of the steps taken by the Indian government thereby helping to get rid of Chinese syndrome. This in-turn would also encourage and help promote made in India (Swadeshi) goods and products/commodities to reach the various Indian bazaars and various shopping platforms. This would also give a thrust to the on-going steps taken by Indian government in becoming self-sufficient (Atma-Nirbhar).

Now the producers and traders would have to become tech-savvy of social media marketing and be innovating in creating newer shopping platforms.


New opportunities for trade and business

With the help of different apps, the Chinese government had a stronghold on the Indian consumers and markets. It was a conspiracy of Chinese Government to display various attractive or luring videos of Chinese products on different apps that left a strong impact on gullible Indian minds. With the ban on 59 Chinese apps, the Indian producers and traders would get a golden opportunity.

In the last few years famous cartoon programmes like Ninja, Doremon etc.spun a fantasy world compelling the children to forget the earlier popular programmes like Donald Duck, Chhota Bheem etc. Now is the time for Indian people and traders to become empowered and be self-reliant.