Published On : Sun, Aug 31st, 2014

In a first, Nagpur’s docs performed Hybrid Cardiac Procedure; saved 76 year old man

Nagpur's docs performed Hybrid Cardiac Procedure; saved 76 year old man in NagpurNagpur News.
For the first time in the medical history of India, a team of  doctors from Nagpur has successfully performed hybrid cardiac procedure on a 76-year-old patient who was brought to Dr K G Deshpande Memorial Center, Gokulpeth few days back. The patient was facing  emergency with sudden onset breathlessness. He was not even able to walk even.  The team comprised Dr. Swapnil Deshpande, Dr. Vikas Bisne and Dr. Shrikant Kothekar who performed the complicated procedure driving him out of risk. The doctors have claimed that this cardiac surgery was done for the first time in India. The patient was having massive pulmonary thromboembolism with Right Lower Limb Deep Vein Thrombosis. The clots have been developed in his leg and he traveled in bus which made the situation worse.

The clots went up near the heart making him difficult to walk. According to the doctors, very few cases of such combined hybrid approach for this disease have been reported around the world that too as case reports. None have been reported from India, added Dr Swapnil Deshpande. The rare surgery was performed including a preoperative Coronary Angiography by Dr Vikas Bisne, Removal of Pulmonary Embolii by Open Heart Surgery by the complete cardiac surgery team of the hospital and then Placement of IVC filter through Right Atrium in the same sitting by Dr Shrikant Kothekar. Dr P K Deshpande  talking about the precaution said that people should keep few points in mind.

People should move your legs (lower limbs), fingers when you are in a sitting position, have liquid and salt intake regularly during travel, if you are on long journey on flights, you should follow in-flight exercise, in Army when a person gets injured he is taken to hospital in a still position but in such situation chances are there that Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) may get developed, the clots may approach heart and patient may die. In such situation person should be taken with movements on said Dr P K Deshpande. The Operating team was Dr Swapnil Deshpande. Dr P K Deshpande, Dr S K Deshpande. Dr D V Gupta, M K Deshpande, Dr Jyoti Panhekar, Dr Darshan Soni, Irshad Ahmed and the nursing staff.