Published On : Mon, Aug 29th, 2016

Improving traffic system to be given priority: CP Dr K Venkatesham

Nagpur CP Dr K Venkatesham
: The new Commissioner of Police (Nagpur) Dr K Venkatesham addressed the first press meet after taking charge in Police Gymkhana on August 29, 2016. After introducing himself, he asked every crime-reporter and journalist to identify them and also to relate the problems that they feel exists in the crime especially about law and order in the city.

The new Commissioner of Police (Nagpur) Dr K Venkatesham showed keen interest in whatever was being told by the reporters and journalists. He and all the senior police officials present on the dais noted down the points.

Apart from Commissioner of Police Dr K Venkatesham, the other senior police officials present on the dais included Joint Commissioner of Police Santosh Rastogi, Additional Commissioner of Police Dr Suhas Warke, Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Ranjan Kumar Sharma and Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Branch) Ishu Sindu.

While addressing the media personnel, new Commissioner of Police Dr K Venkatesham said that to a great extent, the crime has been brought under control. Immediately after taking charge, new CP Dr K Venkatesham had a meeting with all the senior and junior police officials and discussed on many issues with them. He also checked the old records.

One major issue that was discussed at length was the traffic problems in the city. The issues that were chronic in nature included the traffic in Sitabuldi area, the arrogance or goon-like behavior of the Auto-drivers, the abandoned traffic booths being used by goons to consume alcohol and drugs, absence of zebra crossing in many squares, over-loading, accident prone spots etc.

CP Dr K Venkatesham said that they will take serious cognizance of illegal vehicles plying on Nagpur roads. He claimed that there are many complaints of misbehavior by Traffic cops so there will be a watch over them. He went on to add he is planning to have a meeting with the Municipal Commissioner to discuss the problem of footpaths on many roads which have been encroached upon by shopkeepers and street vendors.

CP Dr K Venkatesham claimed that the police department will strive to ensure that nothing hinders the law and order of the city. He said that in order to maintain and control crime in the city, the installing of CCTVs are necessary. He said that in the next week, he plans to hold a meeting with the District Collector and other officials to expedite the installation of CCTVs in Nagpur city. Soon the decision to install CCTVs will be taken. He said that the arrogance of auto-rickshaw drivers and the lawlessness at Variety Square and Rani Jhansi Square will be reined.

Nagpur CP Dr K Venkatesham
The incidents of chain-snatching and looting will be curbed with the installation of CCTV cameras.

The Commissioner has urged citizens to lodge any complaint regarding traffic problems on the whatsapp number 9011387100 released by the Traffic Department. He went on to claim that the penal fines of all traffic and motor-vehicle rules have been hiked.

He said that he is going to keep a watch over the way some Traffic Cops are filling their own pockets by allowing the traffic laws offenders to pay partial payment of the fine on the spot. While speaking about the Women Police Station, he said that the proposal has met some obstacles which will soon be sorted out.

New CP Dr K Venkatesham said that in the last few months, the stringent MCOCA has been slapped on as many as 22 gangs. However, many goons have come out on bail because of some lacunas in the case. He claimed that they will study the entire loop holes in the case files so that such goons do not get away.

He spoke about the Malkhana Scam in many police stations which will be investigated upon.

While answering to a question of fake cops targeting lonely women and looting their ornaments, he said that such problems will be dealt by increased patrolling on all the roads and streets.