Published On : Sat, Dec 24th, 2016

IMA panel sweeps the Maharashtra Medical Council polls in unprecedented elections


Nagpur: They have proved that where it comes to matters not medical, but even political, the Indian Medical Association rules the roost.

In the elections held on 18th December, not 1 or 2, but 4 panels contested for the first time ever. Otherwise the Medical association was being seen as a monolithic body by ly – non medico Nagpurians where there was no scope for differences.

Not that ‘friendly matches’ haven’t happened before, but for the first time it seemed that the IMA panel was going to get tough competition from panels like Pragati Panel, Parivartan and MMAP.

Dr Anil Ladhad, nominated by IMA was representing the IMA panel in the 9 member committee. Opposing him was Dr Pinak Dande, nominated by Vidarbha Hospital Association (VHA), representing Pragati Panel. Both are registered practitioners and hence a part of IMA, but the much-aggressive elections have made IMA members contest against each other on the line of political party.

VHA secretary Dr Anup Marar, said, “VHA has never been in support with this system of IMA as it’s undemocratic. It’s time we should be part of the system. Being a medical practitioner, Dhande wants to stand in the election and so we will support him.”

Sources from within IMA said, all these years IMA with its panel used to have edge over the election. The source said, “It won’t be wrong to say IMA operates its second office from within MMC.”

Well, the results are out and IMA has maintained its track record and its supreme hold over medical fraternity.

IMA panel has swept maximum of the 3200 votes polled followed by Pragati group.

Names of the winners are : Jayesi Lele, Sanjay Kadam, Ashok Tambe, Archana Patel, Shivkumar Utture, Dilip Sarda, Mangesh Gulwade, Anil Laddhad and Nisarehmed Shaikh. All are of IMA panel.

So it seems that IMA will continue to have its second office within MMC!


—Sunita Mudaliar (Associate Editor)