Published On : Thu, Jun 12th, 2014

ILM, an institute for children with special needs

IMG_1831Nagpur News : Institute of Learning Method Open School is a school for children with borderline intelligence functioning, slow learners and specific learning disabled who are not able to handle the academic pressures in regular schools. School offers different activities like computers, English and Hindi reading & writing, math and money concepts and Art & Craft. ILM is a multi-modal center for Children with learning Difficulties. Parents, children, adults and professionals can assess information, counseling, diagnosis and remediation for their child’s educational needs and overall development. The center has a team of well qualified Special Education Teachers, Psychologist with relevant education and experience in the field. ILM is affiliated with NIOS vocational training and Open Basic Education.

A press conference was organized at Tilak  Patrakar Bhavan on June, 11, 2014.During the press conference HOD Kausar Imran told about the uniqueness of ILM institute. Talking about the services Kausar Imran informed that ILM offers services like Individual Psycho-Educational Assessment, Individual / Group (2.3 children) Targeted Remedial Therapy, Screening of Children at risk for Learning Difficulties, in school individual / Group Remedial Help, Setting up of Resource Room, guidance to parents to source appropriate / targeted resources for their child’s growth, Selling of material specifically designed by ILM for the individual child’s need. The institute also offers assistance to children with Specific Learning Disabilities (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia & Dyscalculia), Mild Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), education Therapy for children and Anyone who needs remediation work in any specific area.

ILM Remedial Centre deals with children with learning problems. The institute gives remedial therapy to children with borderline intellectual functioning, slow learners and specific learning disabled. The institute helps such children with remedial training, counseling for their behavior problems. Remedial therapy consists of all actions that lend learning support to learners in reading, spelling, writing and mathematics. This includes the development of vocabulary, reading strategies, knowledge of spelling rules, understanding of what is read as well as writing skills. ILM Vocational Training Centre is for teenagers with Borderline Intellectual Functioning, Slow Learners and Learning Disabled who have difficulty pursuing their further studies. ILM helps to make these children self dependent. The institute also offers vocational training skills in areas like cutting and tailoring, beauty culture, computer applications, data entry, and computer hardware and assembly and Preparation for children appearing 10th and 12h through NIOS Board.