Published On : Thu, Jun 11th, 2015

IIM Nagpur announces admission results; 1857 seek admissions to 60 seats

Nagpur: Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Nagpur is the only IIM out of the proposed six new IIMs that has not only launched its website, but has also placed the admission offer list for the maiden PGP batch 2015-17.

IIM Ahmedabad (IIMA), the mentor institute of IIM Nagpur had offered CAT 2014 takers who had also applied to PGP at the proposed “IIM in Maharashtra” (at the time of CAT 2014 registration) and those who meet the IIM Nagpur’s admission criteria to confirm their interest for admissions to PGP at IIM Nagpur by May 31, 2015.


IIM Nagpur Admission offer list declared

IIM Nagpur has placed on its site the provisional admission offer list for the first PGP batch 2015-17 along with the waiting list. Sharing the achievement, IIM Ahmedabad faculty on Organizational Behavior and In-charge of IIM Nagpur cell, Prof Pradyumana W Khokle says “An offer list with names of short-listed candidates to whom we have made offers via emails on Saturday and a waiting list has been put up on the IIM-N website.”

Prof Khokle is a B.Tech (IIT, Kanpur) and is Fellow (IIM, Ahmedabad).  His current interest areas for research are leadership, management of organizational transformations, and use of “e-learning” based pedagogies for management education. All would help IIM Nagpur students to learn more.

For an intake of 60 seats, 1857 CAT 2014 takers with high sectional and overall percentile have confirmed their interest for admission to PGP at IIM Nagpur

CAT 2014 taker with 226.45 score at IIM Nagpur

Amongst those who confirmed their interest in PGP at IIM Nagpur, the candidate with maximum CAT 2014 total score stands at 226.45. The transparency adopted by IIM Ahmedabad in regard to admission criteria at IIM Nagpur for the first PGP batch 2015-17 would become the role model for other proposed 5 new IIMs who are yet to launch their websites and finalize the admission process.

Admission process on; 4 rounds of offers

IIM Nagpur has announced the admission status and the schedule for final admission result announcement for all the candidates. The first announcement of admission offer and subsequent waiting list at IIM Nagpur has been made available on June 6, 2015. There will be 3 more such announcements on June 16, June 22 and June 29, 2015.

The candidates who have been offered provisional admission at IIM Nagpur on June 6, 2015 shall have to confirm the acceptance through website by June 14, 2015 and will have to submit the hard copy of acceptance letter and demand draft for commitment fee so as to reach at IIM Nagpur by June 19, 2015.

IIM Nagpur: Final admission offer schedule

Following is the admission Result Announcement schedule as shared by IIM Nagpur for the first PGP batch 2015.

Please Note

• The candidates who have been selected will receive an e-mail containing a provisional admission offer and next steps to be followed.

• There won’t be any communication to the other candidates

IIM Nagpur further declares that the commitment fee wouldn’t exceed Rs.50, 000/- and the amount will be balanced against payment of tuition fees in the future.