Published On : Thu, Sep 17th, 2015

“I want to win National Hearts, Not National Award” Says Alia Bhatt at the “Shaam Shaandar” Song launch

Shandaar (1)
It was a auditorium where 1000s of students were enjoying their college fest and waiting for Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt to launch the song “Shaam Shaandar” from their upcoming movie “Shaandar” which is releasing on 22nd October, 2015. Shahid Kapoor arrived and sat in the middle seat as the crowd was just getting crazy noticing he has arrived. Then the beats of the peppy “Shaam Shaandar” song started and he stood on the chair arm rests and started dancing. What else was required? The crowd got berserk and hysterical cheers went up above the auditorium roof. As he ran to the stage and Alia joined him with the dance troops, the atmosphere more than electrifying defying all the decibel limits of crowd shouting.

This is how… the song “Shaam Shaandar” was launched at a Mumbai College fest. Then there was fun interactive session with the students which was totally owned by Shahid and Alia. They were fully controlling the session and it was really an entertaining one. Students enjoyed the interaction so does the Media.

Shandaar (4)
The most interesting part of the event was the dress Alia was wearing which she termed as “Doodle Dress” The dress had prints of all the messages, fan-art, couplets, etc sourced from her fans on social media. She asked Shahid to read few and they were funny and adorable. She also had her famous “Alia Bhatt” moment when a student asked her “Which is your favourite Legend from the ‘Legion of the Legends’ which is the theme of the fest”. She got really baffled by the question but Shahid sweetly helped her manage it by introducing a thinking walk and also, by suggesting her the answer. But that apart, she was looking super cute and adorable like a Disney princes out of the screen behind her and really handled the session well.

When Nagpur Today asked her a question that is she aiming for a National Award with this movie “Shaandar” as the Director Vikash Behl’s earlier movie “Queen” got it for Kangna Ranaut, she replied, “I do not aim for National Award, I aim for National Hearts. I aim to win the love of my national audience.”

The song, particularly is a peppy dance number by the Music Director Amit Trivedi which will sure be in top positions at the charts. It was launched online soon after in real world. Below is the link for you the dance to the tune of “Shaam Shaandar”.
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