Published On : Tue, May 2nd, 2017

Hundred year old Banyan tree to ‘sacrifice’ life for Ganesh Tekadi Mandir expansion

Nagpur: Lord Ganesha is a ‘vighnaharta’ say devotees – he removes obstacles in your way and blesses you with hapiness. That is why before any function, we invoke Ganesha to watch over us and ensure success.

But for this more than 100 years old tree which is a landmark of the famous Bhonsle period temple of Ganesha near the Railway station, worship of Ganesha itself is dooming it. About to doom it in fact, because they have already done a Puja offering the tree as ‘sacrifice’ to the diety. The strange explanation by the ‘Managers’ of the Mandir is that they have done the puja so as to not ‘hurt’ the feelings of the tree!!

The reason why the tree needs to go is that seeing the increased rush of devotees, they are planning to expand the sanctum santorum of the temple. It is to be expanded by 5 feet all around.

This magnificent old tree stands just by the side of the temple and has been offering shadow and sanctuary to people visiting the temple for decades now! Many regulars, who are aware that the tree is to be felled are anguished about the decision and are wondering if there isn’t any way to save it.

We are all aware that Nagpur summer is getting worse over the years and we need MORE trees and more greenery to combat the rising mercury.

Instead today trees are getting chopped indiscriminately to make way for road expansions, for Nagpur Metro, for more cement buildings and now in the name of the Bappa too?!!

Ironically, the ‘swayambhu’ original idol of Ganesha that is almost pre historic was located under a tree and that tree has been preserved painstakingly – though it is smaller than this Banyan tree.

The President of the Advisory Society of Ganesh Mandir Pundlikrao Jawanjal has also expressed dismay at the decision to cut the tree. He has expressed hopes that the Engineers who are are working on the expansion plan will find a way to save it.

Will engineers oblige or will we have to invoke Ganesha himself to perform a miracle and save the age old tree ?