Published On : Thu, Aug 28th, 2014

Humanity and a young patient die after 5-hour ordeal as GMCH doctors went on flash strike

5206_aisaNagpur News: The Orange City witnessed the worst kind of humanity when resident doctors of Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) went on a strike forgetting their Godly duties in the service human beings. The humanity suffered from self-inflicted wounds and crippled the sane senses of both the striking doctors and citizens as well when they forgot that they belong to each other. A heart-rending incident is the reference.

When the doctors were on strike, one corner of GMCH premises was churning to deal with the strike while another corner was witnessing the humanity the deathly ordeal. A young patient, like a helpless animal, was struggling to stay alive and at the other corner, a marathon meeting of doctors was going on for hours together. Finally, death triumphed in front of dead senses. The patient left this world wondering what was his fault. Did he deserve no treatment?

The body lay at the corner surrounded by people, the same people who could have turned the earth upside down and helped the patient for the sake of humanity. But when everything came to an end (patient’s death), people got their blood boiling and shouted murderers, murderers pointing fingers towards higher GMCH authorities. Many people termed the strike a stigma on the doctors who are bereft of humanity.

What was left in the end was police formality. A piece of paper was found in the pocket of the unidentified dead patient and a phone number was written on it. However, nobody responds when the number is called. Here also the humanity took the severe beating and was put to shame.

The strike was called by GMCH unit of Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) after two doctors were assaulted by a patient’s relative. Hospital authorities fulfilled almost all the demands made by the striking residents regarding facilities and security. MARD members had stopped reporting for duty from the wee hours of Monday after the assault incident that took place on Sunday night.