Published On : Wed, Sep 29th, 2021

HRD Forum conducted Webinar on “Executive Coaching for Transformational Change”

HRD Forum of Vidarbha Industries Association organised a webinar on “Executive Coaching for Transformational Change” on Virtual platform.

Rahul Yadwadkar, Founder of Parinati Soulutions, Executive Coach – ICF ACC, Change Management Practitioner – PROSCI and OD Consultant – ISABS conducted the session and guided the participants by using a Case Study on Coaching for Transformational Change. The session provided an insight into the Executive Coaching process and Identifying, disputing and modifying self-limiting beliefs.

Yadwadkar explained, executive coaching is an individual leadership development intervention where the Coach partners with the client in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize his/her personal and professional potential. It is a one-to-one process by conducting sessions which are confidential. It involves multiple sessions till the client’s desired outcome will be achieved.

He further said Coaching is an equal partnership and is non-judgmental & non-prescriptive thereby providing the client a safe environment. He cited the case study of Mr RK, name concealed for confidentiality.

Yadwadkar elaborated the Coaching Process, which requires setting the coaching agenda, multiple conversations, diagnosis, feedback, setting the coaching goal, strategies and action, closing dipstick survey and engagement closure.

He also touched upon REBT assessment – Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, which says that it is not the events but our reaction to them basis our beliefs that cause us to experience emotions like anger, fear, etc. He elaborated on the four core irrational beliefs of REBT that make humans dysfunctional.

He cleared the doubts of participants on the Coaching Goals and its action planning to achieve the goal. He also explained the REBT disputation techniques.

Earlier, Hemant Lodha, Chairman of VIA HRD Forum welcomed the guest speaker and in his welcome address said this topic is very interesting and that coaching for transformational change is acquiring and sustaining a change. It is different from the traditional developmental methodology. It teaches the skills that help an individual to understand the root of a problem and one can learn this aspect only in the atmosphere of trust, respect and care. Coaching for Transformational facilitates change within an individual that is more profound and long lasting. It helps you to understand yourself in wider dimensions. We have seen lots of changes during the pandemic and our faculty will guide us how we can transform ourselves for our betterment as well as our organization’s betterment.

Suresh Pandilwar, Co-Chairman of VIA HRD Forum said the topic was nicely explained, the Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) model was excellent and also proposed a formal vote of thanks.

Neelam Bowade, Convener of HRD Forum made an opening remark, introduced the speaker and also conducted the proceedings.

Program was attended by Prof Ashit Sinha, Mentor – HRD Forum, Mukund Mohota, industrialists, HR & IR Professionals, Entrepreneurs joined the session in large numbers.