Published On : Thu, Apr 22nd, 2021

How to Prepare for UPTET 2021 Exam?

The Uttar Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test [UPTET] is now expected to be held on in the month of July 2021, however, it is subject to change. Counted amongst the highly regarded teacher recruitment examinations in the country, it provides a great opportunity.


Candidates are selected to work as Primary Level Teacher [Class Ist to Vth] and Upper Primary Level Teacher [Class VIth to Class VIIIth] across state schools in Uttar Pradesh. In this article, we shall present the best UPTET preparation online tips along with the highly favoured UPTET preparation books you must have to ace theUPTET 2021 exam.


UPTET Preparation 2021: Exam Pattern

Given below is the exam pattern of the UPTET 2021 exam which will assist in shaping up your UPTET preparation strategy.



Sections Questions Marks Time
Child Development & Pedagogy 30 30  


150 minutes

Mathematics* 30 30
Environmental Studies * 30 30
Language-1 [Hindi] 30 30
Language-2 [English/Sanskrit/Urdu] 30 30
Total 150 150


* For UPTETPaper 2, you have to appear for Science and MathematicsORSocial Sciences for 60 marks in place of Mathematics and Environmental Studies.

UPTET 2021: UPTET Preparation Tips

The following UPTET preparation tips present the important topics for your UPTET preparation 2021.


1.   Child Development & Pedagogy [CDP]


Development and relationship with learning, Principles of development of children,Heredity & Environment,Inclusive education and understanding children with special needs,Addressing learners from diverse backgrounds,Learning Difficulties,Learning & Pedagogy, How Children Think and learn, Motivation and learning, Factors affecting learning [personal & environmental], Individual Differences,Assessment & Evaluation, Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation [CCE], Right to Education Act 2009, etc.


  • The CDP section is instrumental in both the Papers and can have a direct bearing on your score. Furthermore, it helps in understanding pedagogy portions from other sections as well. Topics like Development and its relationship to learning,Learning Difficulties, inclusive education are crucial ones. You must attempt 24-27 questions out of 30.
  • Theories likeThorndike’s Trial and Error Theory, Reflex theory, Skinner’s Operant Conditioning Theory of Learning, Piaget theory, Vygotsky’s theories are also vital for UPTET preparation 2021.


  • UPTET 2021 Books: UPTET Child Development and Pedagogy by Kiran Publication, CTET & TETs Child Development & Pedagogy (Paper I & II) by Arihant Publication, etc.


2.   Mathematics


Ratio & Proportion, Number System, Averages, Series, Fractions, Decimals, Functions & Linear Equations, Speed & Distance, Simplification, Percentages, Profit & Loss, Simple & Compound Interest, Probability, Data Interpretation, Geometry, Permutation & Combination, Indian Currency, Statistics, Shapes and Spatial Understanding, Nature of Mathematics, Logical thinking, Language of mathematics, Understanding Children’s thinking styles and patterns, Community mathematics, Error Analysis, Problems of teaching, etc.


  • Mathematics is an essential part of a goodUPTET preparationstrategy 2021. The difficultylevel of the section in the past years has been around moderate to tough.
  • UPTET preparation online for this section must be divided into three phases. Firstly, complete the fundamental portions, that is, BODMAS, percentages, equations, averages, simplification, number system Follow this up with advanced topics such as data interpretation, Permutation & Combination, probability, Geometry, etc. In the final phase, cover pedagogy topics. Try to think like a teacher and relate to the problems you might be facing while solving the questions.


  • UPTET 2021 books:A Complete Resource for CTET: Mathematics and Pedagogy by Pearson Education, CTET/STET: Paper-II by Pearson Publication, Quantitative Aptitude by RS Aggarwal, etc.


3.   Science [Paper 2]


Micro-Organisms, Food [Sources, Components, etc.], Materials, Moving Things, People and Ideas, The World of the Living, Infectious Diseases, How Thing Work [Force, Motion, Heat, Light, Magnets, Electricity], Natural Resources, Science & Technology, Chemical Substances, Natural Phenomena, Science Pedagogy [Understanding and Appreciating Science, Observation & Discovery, Innovation, Nature of Science, Evaluation, Problems, etc.


  • In Paper 2, along with Mathematics, you will also encounter Science questions. Fundamental physics, chemistry and biology form the typical syllabus. Refer to Class VI onwards NCERT books. For pedagogy, the best UPTET preparation strategy is to attempt short topic-based tests. This will help in improving efficiency and time management as well.


  • UPTET preparation 2021 books: Child Development and Pedagogy for CTET & TETs (Paper-I & II) by Arihant Publications, A Complete Resource for CTET (Language I): English and Pedagogy by Pearson Publication, etc.


4.   Social Sciences [For Paper 2]


History -Ancient History [Earliest Societies, First Cities, Political Developments, Indus Valley Civilisation, Culture and Science, etc.], Medieval History [Bhakti & Sufi Movements, Mughal rule, Sultans of Delhi, etc.], Modern History [Establishment of Company Power, 1857 Revolt, Women and Reform, Caste System, Colonialism and Tribal Societies, Nationalist movement, India after Independence, etc.], Geography– Globe, Components of Earth, Environment, Air, Water, Human Environment, Resources-types & development, Agriculture, Climate, Wildlife, Industries, etc. Social & Political Life- Democracy, Constitution, Government, Diversity, Media, Gender, Judiciary, Secularism, Social Justice and Marginalized, etc. Pedagogy Nature and Concept of Social Sciences, Class Room Activities, Critical Thinking & Analysis, Problems of teaching Social Sciences, Project Work, Evaluation, Challenges,


  • Social Sciences carries a heavy weightage of60 marks. Going by last year paper, it had a moderate difficulty and 40-45 questions is a good attempt.


  • Owing to the vast nature of the syllabus for Social Science, the best UPTET preparation strategy is to try and use creative learning techniques such as flow charts, puzzles, quizzes, diagrams and mind maps. This helps in boosting your memory, retention and recall skills. Further, engage in group discussion, feedback sessions and other UPTET preparation online tools to get to the depths of any topic.


  • UPTET preparation books:CTET Success Master Paper-II Teacher Selection for Class VI-VIII Social Studies/Science 2019 by Arihant Publication, Social Studies by Disha Publication, etc.


5.   Language [Hindi/English/Sanskrit/Urdu]


English Grammar [Parts of Speech, Direct & Indirect Speech, Vocabulary, etc.], Reading Comprehension [Prose & Poem], Question Framing, Language Development Pedagogy,principles of Language teaching, language skills, teaching-learning materials, challenges, remedial teaching, evaluation of language comprehension & proficiency etc.


  • The reading comprehension portion of the Language sections holds heavy weightage. Therefore, when doing it, try to isolate or better write down the various elements in the given passage, for instance, Passage’s Theme/Main Idea, Author’s Idea, arguments and counter POVs and conclusion, among others. Assess its tone whether it is written in a rhetorical, descriptive, narrative or conversational manner. This is one of the most important UPTET preparation tips.


  • UPTET preparation books:UPTET English Language By Pearson Publication – Geeta Sahni, ‘Objective General English’ by S.P. Bakshi,Objective English for Competitive Examinations by McGraw-Hill Publications, Hindi Language by Arihant Publications


6.   Environmental Studies [EVS]


Scope of & importance of EVS, Matter & Energy, Environment education learning principles, Approaches to teaching, Relationships, Family and Foods, Personal Relationships & Addiction, work and play, Components of environment and other major terms, Public Places & Institutions, Employment policies, Personal Hygiene,pedagogical issues, etc.


  • Along with the various environmental concepts, you also need to understand and appreciate the causes, needs and measures of conservation of the environment and wildlife. Be familiar with keywords like sustainability, renewable and non-renewable, ecology, anthropocentrism, etc. as well as environment phenomena like climate change, global warming, etc.


  • UPTET preparation books: CTET & TETs Environmental Studies & Pedagogy by Arihant Publications, Environmental Studies by Wiley Publications, etc.


Amongst the above UPTET preparation tips, the most important one we can give is that you must be confident in yourself and be optimistic throughout your preparation and exams.