Published On : Sun, Nov 15th, 2020

How to engage people on social media

Social media engagement is like measuring comments, likes, and shares basically for business. And obviously, every page wants to build up a good fan following. Posts are shared with different intentions. The creative and smart side is that engagement has to be positive, with zero flaws. Because going viral on some random and not so good tweet or content can be referred to as bad publicity.


Necessary steps to follow in engaging new users

  • The first step to engaging more followers is by posting daily with entertaining stuff from #PutPut. Frequent posting keeps the brand and its product on the radar and connected to the users. Posting daily is necessary, but it shouldn’t be done to appear like spam or a desperate move from the brand. Two to three posts are fine and safe for both the brand and bringing new users.


  • Public polls or question Aires is an excellent way to connect with the public and their choices and opinions. It tends to save time as well and is the easiest way. This way, the users will also feel that the brand is active and prefers public opinion, which positively impacts.


  • Don’t hide!! Reveal things reality to the audience and also the people that provide back-end support. The brand can get more familiar with the public will also have a significant effect on engaging them.


  • Contests, Partnerships, and Giveaways are counted as some of the best ways to attract users and make them stick to the page, creating original content with popular brands.


  • Another crucial step is listening to the public and their complaints. And then rectifying it most positively and reassuring them with better products or services.
  • Do collaborations with people, create some DIYS if possible. Make the product look reasonable, durable, and, most importantly, should gain trust. Collaborations can be done with new social media influencers; bloggers can write about your brand and bring it to light.


  • Brands should listen to their users. It is replying and answering the customers, clearing their doubts. It creates interaction between the brand and customers, which gives a feeling of togetherness and home.


  • Giving them instant replies grasps attention an aim to the people also attracts people as it creates a revolutionary, supportive and eco-friendly environment. For example, PANTENE ads run slogans like being carefree. They indirectly touch women’s empowerment and freedom by freedom of hair by letting it open and let it fly.


  • Products on Social media websites can have themes and variations according to seasons or festivals, or current scenarios. These increase the sale and viewership on the page.


  • Memberships can be created with some perks for regular customers. Talking about the topics with the brand will also do the work. Brands end up making this mistake, but they should remember people need to know more about them and their aim. The use of correct and right hashtags also helps in getting better viewership and more likes. The different types of content consumers can engage; images, video, text-based photos, stories, polls, funny videos, gifs, etc.

Doing some AMAS that asks me anything would also bring out a very different side of customers. And this will create a free and healthy environment to clear all the issues or revealing some hack. Posting some quotes daily might also help in gathering some customers giving someone business tips. The central aspect, at last, is getting the trust of customers. It can be won by some sample products and by good service. As a matter of quality or reasonability, no issues should be there. Above all, always remember that never get too pushy in doing anything.