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    Published On : Mon, May 2nd, 2016
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    How to crack an interview: Do’s and Don’ts

    interview-305-x-182_011616120909Interviews are a way to analyse/ judge the skills that are claimed by a candidate in his/her resume or CV. If you are having a hard time facing your interview round, here’s a list of tips that can help in leaving a good impression on the evaluators:

    Before the Interview

    The candidates need to be very clear about the job that they have applied for– what is the job description, what are the duties and responsibilities that go with it

    They need to do a proper research on the company they have applied to. It is important to check the company’s history, background, vision, mission statements, details of its directors, past and current performance, financial status, growth chart, future plans. Most of these details are available on the company’s websites and the internet

    The candidates can practice some sample questions and answers in front of the mirror or with a partner before the real
    interview. For example: how to introduce ourselves when we meet the interviewer/s for the first time

    The candidates can learn some deep breathing exercises to calm themselves and be confident at the interview

    The candidates should prepare well for the interview. A good preparation will help them feel more relaxed

    At the Interview

    Men must be dressed in smart formal clothes meant for the workplace such as well-ironed trousers and shirt with a tie or formal suit. A black pant and white shirt combination works well. Do not wear casual clothes such as jeans and T-shirts. Make sure your shoes are polished and in good condition. Do not wear loud colours or prints. You can wear a formal belt and formal watch. Women, on the other hand, should wear non-fussy and sober but smart clothes such as salwar kameez, sari or trousers/skirt suit. Wear only basic jewellery such as stud earrings or simple finger rings

    The candidates should remember that their appearance should not distract their interviewer. You need to be well groomed with a neat hairstyle, cut nails and a fresh and clean look

    The candidates must carry all relevant original documents such as certificates, referrals and licences and their photocopies, pen and pad in a neatly kept folder so that they can show them to the interviewer/s if required

    The candidates should arrive at the interview venue before time. Punctuality is a very important factor in setting the right impression

    The candidates should switch off your cell phone

    The candidates should bear in mind that your attitude and soft skills will be very important in their assessment of their suitability. So work on projecting a positive outlook. Introduce yourself smartly

    The Interview Room

    Take permission to enter the room. You may ask: Excuse me, Sir/Ma’am. May I come in, Sir/Ma’am?
    Greet the interviewer/s with a smile. You can say: Good morning/afternoon/evening Sir/Ma’am
    Pause for a response and if no one asks you to sit down, you can say: May I sit down please?
    Pause for a response and then sit down and say: Thank you!

    During the Interview

    Make eye contact (while smiling) with all the members of the interview board
    Wait for them to ask you questions. Maintain eye contact. Do not look down or twiddle with your thumbs. Keep calm and sit still. But be relaxed – no one will bite you!
    After the Interview

    Collect your certificates and documents, in case you had taken them out
    Say ‘Thank you’ with a smile and leave the room.

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