Published On : Thu, Oct 10th, 2013
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How Small Efforts Helped Nagpur’s Goodwill Remain Intact..

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The world, as we see it, is flawed and imperfect. And each day we notice more additions to these blemished and dark sides of the world we live in. An average person in this century can be found complaining about the society and its shortcomings, but how many times do we acknowledge the presence of benevolence amongst us?

Whilst the crime rate in the country continues to taint the country’s goodwill, some citizens along with the servants of the society are keeping up the motivation of the people with their compassion. Nagpur city is known for its peace and harmony. The reason we have this privilege is because of the humanitarian that exists amidst us. A good deed never goes unnoticed and Nagpur Today makes sure its readers have the best of the latest accomplishments of the city.

The only way we know the value of life is when see someone dying. Soon after the Joy of Giving week, Nagpur Today acknowledges some people’s efforts towards making this society a better place to live in. A crow was given a gift of life at the Government Veterinary Institute of Nagpur today, thanks to the kindness of some Nagpurians.

When Kunal Munje, an engineering student from the city, noticed a crow hanging for dear life from a tree this morning, his humanity over-powered his ignorance and he decided to help the poor creature. With his presence of mind and alertness, he contacted the fire fighters and along with the team, he rescued the wounded crow whose wing was badly entangled in kite string. After the crow was brought down, the young man drove it to several hospitals to get the bird a proper treatment. As a matter of fact, Kunal made sure that the bird was taken care of by professional vets, all day.

Good deeds may be ignored, but they always make a great impact on our society. Nagpur Today spoke to this kind-hearted young man and to appreciate him for his efforts. Kunal Munje said, “This is how my parents have brought me up. I am unable to ignore such things. If I am unable to help, I make sure someone else does it. I’ve helped several humans before, but this is the first time I’ve helped an animal. I want to make a positive impact on the society and every person who does the same is an inspiration to me. A bird’s life is about flying, how could I have ignored its agony of not being able to fly? This initiative did not just give that bird its life back; it made me happy.”

“What I cannot forgo is the work of the fire fighters. They could have easily ignored me or told me off since they were at the end of their shift; but I saw the professionalism with which they worked and I respect them for that. Then I came across the students and doctors of the institute who treated the bird. These people work so hard every day, without any appreciation. From all that we see and read in the news, we have low opinions about such people. But when we see how professional and hard-working these people are, it’s hard to ignore their effort. These people are the real heroes of our society. It’s not social work, but it’s a pending work. It’s a debt we must pay back to the society”, said Kunal about his encounter with socially-responsible professionals.

It’s a matter of pride for our society that some people choose to walk a different walk for the betterment of the world. Incidentally, there are many more such people whose efforts have been overlooked in the past. Nagpur Today salutes these unsung heroes with the golden hearts for reassuring us that kindness still exists in our world. To all the good Samaritans who walk by us without any recognition, consider this our token of gratitude.

-Shivangi Chaturvedi