Published On : Fri, Jun 12th, 2015

How many insurgents did we ‘take out’ in our Myanmar strikes?

NewDelhi/Nagpur: They claimed first that at least a hundred, if not hundreds had been slain. Four entire terrorirst camps inside neigbhouring Mynmar had been destroyed. There was speculation that even their dreaded leader Khaplang may have been killed.

Military officials had said between 30 to 50 rebels were killed in Tuesday’s surprise raids, but a rebel group led by Burmese Naga leader S S Khaplang said the Indian claims were “exaggerated” and that there were few casualties.

India’s junior information minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore told TV channels that the “hot pursuit strikes” on separatist bases in Myanmar had been authorised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“Be it Yemen or Iraq, attacks on Indians are not acceptable. This is also a message to our neighbours who shelter terrorists,” Rathore said.

Now that two days have passed since the strike, and some sanity has returned, it is learnt that our own army assessment conducted with our intelligence services, has revealed that just seven bodies have been recovered and less than a dozen injured.

It is also suspected that all the Maoists who were responsible for killing 17 of our soldiers some days ago, have managed to escape and were not killed in our ‘secret mission’ which did not remain secret for too long.

Now the fear is that the insurgents who managed to get away are planning a retaliatory attack against India. From where it will come and how, will of course remain a suspense till it happens.