Published On : Thu, Feb 26th, 2015

How do I increase my immunity to prevent swine flu?

Swine flu has managed to frighten the life out of us, many of us are searching for ways to increase our immunity to prevent this infection. Although there are many ways to prevent an infection, not all of them are foolproof and considering our lifestyle, we are bound to be exposed to these infections some way or the other.

While flu shots and wearing masks is useful, having a strong immune system is also very important to prevent the virus from damaging your health. It is important to realise the how your immunity is weakened and the reasons behind it. Poor lifestyle habits like smoking, not getting enough sleep, living a stressful life, not consuming a proper diet, etc. can take a toll on your immunity, making you susceptible to swine flu.

So what should you do to boost your immunity and fight infections strongly?

Healthy diet: Ensure that your diet is wholesome, which means that that it includes vitamins A, B ,C and E. Your diet should also comprise foods rich in zinc and selenium. Include crustaceans, meat, sunflower seeds and brown rice to build a strong immune system. Also, foods like ginger and garlic help in flushing out toxins from the body. Read to know if swine flu is completely curable.

Include probiotics in your diet: Probiotics are bacteria that are good for your health and help in digestion. They are also known to improve your immunity by creating an acidic environment, which prevents the growth of other harmful bacteria in the stomach. Include foods like milk and curds which are a great natural source of probiotics. You may like to read about natural ways to add probiotics to your food.

Reduce stress: Be it work stress or emotional stress, it takes a huge toll on your immunity. Increasing stress levels aid the release of the stress hormone. This hormone affects the working of the thymus, which in turn affects the production of immune cells in the body.

Get enough sleep: A minimum of 7 hours sleep is important for the proper functioning of the body. Interrupted and lack of sleep can compromise your immunity severely as it helps in the release of stress hormones and other inflammatory substances. Here is all that you need to know about treatments and other supportive therapy that help one fight the flu.

Exercising regularly: Regular exercise improves blood flow, which helps in circulating immune cells throughout the body more efficiently. It also promotes the release of endorphins or ‘feel good’ hormones that help in stimulating the lymphatic system for release of blood cells. Also follow these 15 doctor-recommended precautions to prevent swine flu.

There are various myths associated about the spread of swine flu like eating chicken can cause swine flu or going vegan can protect you from swine flu. One should realise that these are only myths and should get their facts right. Learn how swine flu spreads here.

By Poorva Chavan |